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What *Minor* Splat would you want to be?

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  • What *Minor* Splat would you want to be?

    Same line as the other "What X would you want to be" threads, but limited to A) Not Generic Human and B) Can't have a full Power Stat.

    For splats that are bound to one of the Major Templates (Ghouls, Sadikh), assume your counterpart is fairly hands off, but otherwise a typical example of their type.

    For me, despite the paranoia, I'd have to pick Offspring - Embeds are nice, and you can largely limit your exposure (as much as any other resident of the CofD can).

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    I'd take generic sleepwalker. Hopefully an acolyte to an Awakened Mage, but I'd be super happy with just being a regular old weirdo with zero powers and the ability to interact with the Mysteries.


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      Ooh! This is a cool twist on the usual question. I would be tempted to say Fae-Touched, but that's desire to play one talking; I wouldn't actually want to be one. Wolf-Blooded is tempting, but would depend on the Tell. Proximi have too much baggage what with the families and curses. I would definitely not want to be a Ghoul. Honestly, I would probably just want to be a Sleepwalker.

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        I really love the Possessed but considering the anguish I couldn't really 'want' to be like that. And saying the demon would count as the 'major counterpart' and thus 'hands off' seems to be a cop out.

        So I'd go Witch, from Hunter's Witchfinders book. They do have a Power Stat, but it's not a 'full' one.

        I'm expecting at least 75% of the replies to go for the Purified.

        EDIT: No Purified so far, amazing.
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          I'm actually not partial to the half-splats. I would go with something like the Lucky micro-template from Hurt Locker, or the Lucifuge. Maybe Psychic Vampire. Failing that? Just all out psychic. Telekinetic telepath with some clairvoyant powers.
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            (I am the person who wants to play a ghoul in every Vampire game, and a Sleepwalker in every Mage game, so I'm so glad the minor templates are getting love here.)


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              Do micro-templates count? Then I go for Psychic Vampire. Keep my "power level" low, be subtle in feeding, and I might actually have a decent chance of surviving in the Darkness.

              And I get to count as a Sleepwalker, with all the good and bad that it entails.

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                ammmm I think that I'll go with either Lucifuge or Proximi. I feel much stronger connection to the Cot7G, but the fact is that once you are one, your path in life is too well defined- you are either with them, or against them, and if other hunters won't try to kill you, the demons would. You just have to choose sides, which is something I really hate to do. Proximi have a little bit more freedom, and they do have their own magic powers, but the Lucifuge does offer a strong sense of loyal kinship the Proximi sometimes lack.

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                  I'll take Proximi for 1,000 Trebek. Not certain which dynasty, none of the published ones are super attractive. The impossibly lucky guys from Hurt Locker are also enticing.

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                    What ARE all the minor splats? I'm familiar with ghouls, wolf-blooded and sleepwalkers...I know there's something called "fae-touched" that's from Changeling. Beasts and Prometheans don't have them. Do Demons and Mummies?

                    Of the ones I do know, ghoul is really tempting for the immortality...but I don't really want to end up as a blood bag (or killed by my vampire's rival over something stupid). Wolf-blooded have some neat tricks, like the one with the living pelt they can wear to turn into wolves. I...don't even remember much about sleepwalkers.


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                      Dreamers are my favorites, but being one is absolutely miserable.

                      I'll take the boring way out and say Thaumaturge, unless my Incarnates are on the table.

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                        Originally posted by Gellydog View Post
                        What ARE all the minor splats? I'm familiar with ghouls, wolf-blooded and sleepwalkers...I know there's something called "fae-touched" that's from Changeling. Beasts and Prometheans don't have them.
                        Prometheans have Alchemists!! Yes, the ones in the book are presented as being awful, but there are good ones....


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                          Originally posted by Gellydog View Post
                          Do Demons and Mummies?
                          Demons have two kinds. Stigmatic (people exposed to God-Machine and basically become psychic, but with an annoying drawback and potential attention from angels / demons) and the children of demons (access to Embeds and overclocking said embeds) who have lots of potential attention from the G-M to the point of becoming a sleeper agent at random times.

                          Mummies have their cultists which, as far as I know, can basically pray to the mummy for borrowing their magic, but I don' tthink they get any abilities on their own. Even Last Dynasty International. Also, ghosts were playable in Mummy.


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                            I don't think alchemists count as a minor splat. They're meant as antagonists; it'd be like being one of the Seer minions or a Hero. This isn't to rehash alchemist and Hero debates, just saying that there's a big difference in their presentation as playable characters compared to wolf-blooded or ghouls.

                            Mummy cultists I guess technically count? Although I think their equivalent splat for this thread would be Witnesses (sleepwalkers) and Sadikh (proximi)


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                              Well, that's debatable, since we may very well get some playable options for alchemists in the future, if what I've seen around from hints of a possible future booko is any indication. Irregardless, even if you make them playable, and a valid option here, they're really nothing more than a pale reflections of mages. You could easily make up an alchemist themed proximus dynasty and they'd realistically be the same thing, if not possessing higher skill at a lesser cost.

                              Alchemists are really nothing more than another breed of mortal occultists.
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