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  • Istanbul

    I'm looking to pull together a Requiem game set in modern Istanbul in about a month. I'm just setting my rough outline right now and wondering what books there are for the city in CofD. This is what I've got off the top of my head:

    - Ruins of Empire (Mummy)
    - After the Fall (Demon)
    - Slouching Towards Byzantium (Vampire)
    - Demon Seeds (Demon)
    - Sothis Ascends (Mummy)

    Are there any sources I've missed? Thanks!
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    Istanbul is such a great city for vampire.

    I'm not sure on sources, but I played in a Requiem chronicle set in Renaissance Istanbul, and ran a V20 Dark Ages game set in the Latin Empire, and as a result I'm just incredibly fond of the Queen of Cities.


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      Theres two other important mentions to this city:
      - Fall of the Camarilla has a setting in Constantinople, during Justinian rule.
      - Ancient Mysteries: The Crusades setting speaks about Constatinople during that time. Although theres no much information in quantity, there is in quality: in a certain way, it continues the FotC setting, through the Middle Ages, explaining which covenants ruled the city until the Fourth Crusade, when it was sacked by westener crusaders.

      Other minor mentions:
      - Invictus also speaks something about it in its history hapter, but part of the text has been retconned by FotC and Ancient Mysteries.
      - Ordo Dracul book: Theres some reference to the rulers of the city just after its fall to the Ottomans in the Azercatil entry.
      - Bloodlines: The Chosen has an entry for the Agonists, whose main base was in Constantinople.
      - Bloodlines: The Legendary: The Gullikan were born in Costantinople.

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        Would you share the chronicle documents with us maybe? I am looking for examples of the way crossover is handled in CoD.


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          The Demon Seed Collection has a part about Istanbul for Demon: Brief sketchy description of the city


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            Istanbul was also mentioned in "The Soulless and the Dead", on Dark Eras Companion.

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              Also mentioned here:

              Hey, the thread title alone was enough to get it stuck on my head, I have to take some revenge