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    Hello fellow members of the RPG community
    I need a bit of help.

    I want to sprinkle a few powerful artefacts throughout the landscape of my 2e VtR campaign, in which the God Machine is unseen yet ever present, but I'm having a hard time coming up with them.
    The thing is that I want them to be powerful and useful, yet dangerous to the user - as to convey the "power for a price" feeling that's ever present in my campaign. And not only that; I want them to be useful to anyone within this World of Darkness; be they vampire, mortal, werewolf, mage or something else entirely.

    I already have something to fill a weapon slot, and seeing as artefacts can (and should) be much more than weaponry, I'm looking for inspiration as to what these other artefacts could be.

    in "my" world artefacts are not merely magical objects created by mages or vampires etc. But something somehow stolen or left behind by the "divine", aka. the God Machine and therefore both rarer and more powerful than regular magically imbued items.

    If you can help me or inspire me in any way, I would be most appreciative

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    I would recommend looking at the Reliquary book. Its all about relics, all of which have a curse associated, with a great chapter of sample powers and drawbacks.

    Tokens from CtL might also be good inspiration, as manny come with drawbacks and ways to cheat the activation costs

    Second Chance for

    A Beautiful Madness


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      RE: Artifacts

      I will echo the previous recommendation of Reliquary. Its first edition, but its a good place to start. I also get a ton of use from the "Endowment Creation" mechanics from Hunter:the Vigil. The Gadget system from Demon: The Descent may also be of use.

      I personally use a system that is a hybrid Of Reliquary and HtV - I have a thread where I post the ones I have created. Feel free to use and adapt any of the ideas you see.
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      Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
      The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
      Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
      Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


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        A common theme of such artifacts and very appropriate were the God Machine is concerned, is that each was created to fulfill a role or purpose and those who bear them inevitably find themselves drawn to (or trapped) serving that purpose.
        ‚ÄčThe weapon, for example, could have been created to destroy a particular group or enemy and whoever wields it frequently finds himself at odds with that target. Maybe fate ensures that his goals are often in opposition to theirs', or they simply hate and attack him on sight.
        ‚ÄčAnother trait of such items is that they often abandon or fail their wielder at the worst possible time, or when confronted by their own bane. An object of great but unreliable power.
        Such objects sometimes don't harm the wielder but those around him. Like a Mage's Nimbus, they spread the consequences of their power to those with the strongest ties. Use it and it will be your loved ones who pay the price, can you protect them?


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          Thanks for the advise
          Unfortunatly for me I don't have access to books other than the VtR corebook and the CoD corebook, so I'm not in a position to read the books you suggested at this time, Reighnhell. But they are, nevertheless, good suggestions
          2ptTakrill I really like those thoughts about how the price for the items power will be paid. They're interesting to say the least

          I'm hoping you guys have ideas as to what these items might be and might do.
          Currently I'm toying with the idea of a pair of glasses that let you see through the eyes of someone else, but in so doing the glasses curse you to be witnessed doing something you shouldn't by someone else; Hunter, rival, authority, enemy - you name it. It could be anyone really.


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            I know it's not ideal, but there's a lot of homebrew rules for this sort of thing on the vast intertubes. The wodcodex also has a listing of powers available.
            Item Name, Item Power, Item Benefits, Item Drawbacks is a good format for what you want.