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  • Hurt Locker - Psychic Vampires

    I'm looking at the mechanics and have some questions I hope I can get help on.

    How many Ephemera can they spend a turn, on healing and/or in general?
    Doesn't 5-dot (Virtuoso) Psychic Vampirism and Psychic Transference generate infinite resources?
    How many Ephemera does it cost to shapechange into/out of animal forms?

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    It appears to me that a PV can use one or two ephemera for healing per turn depending on which healing they are doing and they can also use ephemera for another ability during the same turn up to whatever that ability calls for.

    I assume the question is about stealing then healing. For 2 ephemera and 1 willpower a PV can heal another for 1 willpower and 1 lethal. A PV gets 2 ephemera for 1 lethal and 1 willpower stolen. That is a loss of willpower and no gains. I never saw anything indicating that a PV could heal 5 lethal for 5 ephemera for instance so unless that was intended there is no issue with infinite resources.

    I didn't see a cost for shapechanging so I would go with one ephemera to turn into an animal and free to turn back. That seems consistent with the other abilities.

    I could be wrong.