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What Does Aggravated Damage Look Like?

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    I don't think that there are many ways of inflicting Aggravated wounds directly without use of supernatural powers; everything seem to be a consequence of Lethal Overflow or Supernatural...with an exception of final dots of Heavy and Light Weapon Styles? Anyone up on 2nd Edition mechanics care to correct me?


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      Nah, I'm pretty sure that's it.

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        Explosives do aggravated at Ground Zero. Also at ST discretion things that completely remove or destroy large quantities of tissue can be recorded as aggravated. Putting a hand into a wood chipper, for example.

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          Basically, Aggravated damage can kill you in one swipe, if not attended just in this very moment - all arms, legs, eyes or organ loses, they left Bleeding that can easily end with your grave. Lethal are all those cuts and broken bones by which you will live, now, but few more and it's look like more and more as Reaper is for yea...

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            Narratively, damage is whatever it needs to be for the scene to make sense and engage the players. Trying to map the mechanics to real world injury just doesn't work because that's not what they're trying to model. 7 bashing is enough to knock a person out (and what happens if you fall 70 feet) but two hours of rest and it's like nothing happened. In real life I gash my thumb pretty bad on a broken piece of plastic and it takes several days to scab over and leave a (small) permanent scar. I wouldn't call that aggravated by any stretch despite the healing time. I wouldn't even call it lethal. Seven such cuts would be painful and make it hard to move around, depending on where they were, but they would not come close to killing me. A broken finger takes over a month to stop aching but I still have almost full use of the hand. Breaking all five would prevent me from using the hand but wouldn't come close to killing me either, and so on.

            Bashing is damage that the protagonist in a movie will have forgotten about by the next scene. Lethal is damage they will have for the rest of the movie but can still fight through. Agg is damage that sticks with them into the sequel, or partially cripples them if it doesn't kill them outright.

            Especially when running supernaturals, Agg damage has the narrative purpose of injuries that just won't heal right without time and attention. Broken bones, deep muscle tearing cuts, third degree burns, infected boils, and so on.


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              I feel like aggravated damage should add penalty on top of usual -3. Lets say you have a mixture of bashing and lethal, you are sore and unable to focus (-3 penalty from all boxes full) and in this very moment you get sliced by werewoof for 3 agg. Congrats. You now suffer a total of -6 modifier.

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