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    In Nwod rules book, talks about the Blessed itens agains ephemeral entities, that can give a +1 to +5 bonus, depending the power of the bless.
    In anothers NWOD books, when envolve another beings, like angels in God Machine or Demons from Demons the Descent, I didn't see anymore informations about blessed itens or rules that is mentioned in the first book. There is another methods to harm this creatures, like Bane/Bans or Ephemeral Attack Power (in Reliquary), but nothing more about Blessing.

    My question is: do you use Blessed itens described in the first Rules Book? What is the mechanic about this when you use against other ephemeral entities, like Angels?

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    1E, or 2E?

    For 2E, I would only count Blessed Items if they were part of that entity's Bane.

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      Blessed items kind of fell off from representation in second edition, with banes taking their primary role. The existence of magical items with a weapon rating that permits them to be wielded against types of ephemeral entities as if it were the entity's bane is pretty reasonable, but especially against angels of the God-Machine, I'd lean away from invested faith and belief being the source of that power. It's something the Chronicles of Darkness have somewhat grown away from since the original rulebook's publication, and God-Machine angels thematically are known to exploit human faith and belief – it actually makes people more susceptible to their abilities.


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        The closest corollary in second edition might be the Consecrate Weapon merit presented in Hurt Locker. It permits a mortal occultist to temporarily enspell any weapon such that it may strike ephemeral entities.