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    Dark Eras corebook have some information on Skills variant from previous Eras or other Skills usage. However, still are some needed mechanics to some typical actions. It’s topic to share and discuss those rules variants. Here are my rules for running sailing a ship, needed for Eras in Viking or Age of Discovery periods.

    Sailing as Survival

    Sailing from the beginning of time was about understanding the sea and knowledge of terrain in water. Of understanding how currents works and how to follow sun and stars. In modern times we use computer navigation and satellite maps for it, but basic function of sailing on seas is largely the same – to find shortest paths and stay on your course against weather. That’s why Sailing is series of Specialty in Survival, adding few special actions to use it.

    Sailing in Survival Skill

    In addition finding and staying on trails on land, Survival can let maneuver ships on the sea or rivers.
    Possessed by: Sailors, navigators, stowaways
    Specialties: Navigation, Rivers, Sea, Storms, Weather

    Action - One day of ship sailing on board

    <Apropiate Attribute to characters actions> + Survival

    Roll Results
    Using Survival as Sailing works almost identical to use it for Trekking or Pathfinding. Much like cars, ships have Handling scores. As a rough guideline, an ships Handling score is its Durability rating. Sailing operates rather on Mental and Physical Attributes. Roll mean one day of travel and navigation and often can be Teamwork action, like when using paddles.
    Modifiers: Course designated by the navigator ( +1 to +5, See Navigation below ), Weather ( +1 to +3 or -1 to -3 )
    Dramatic Failure: Dramatic failure on Sailing almost always involves swerve from the course or going in to hazardous situation – like Storm – that need to be resolved by Teamwork of crew on Extended or Chase actions.
    Failure: Ship did not do any meaningful distance this day, as ship was going in to different courses and returning to original one.
    Success: Ship makes average speed of it’s class this day.
    Exceptional Success: Ship makes top speed of it’s class this day or crew found shorter course.

    Action - Navigating the route / Course Designing
    Dice Pool: Wits + Survival ( without maps and instruments ) or Intelligence + Science ( with maps and instruments )
    Action: Special (5–25 successes; each roll represents one day of work, max of Survival or Science Skill dots, whatever is used ).
    Navigation works as Building Equipment, for more information see Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook. Character can make as much bonus from Course Designing as he has Survival or Science Skill dots.
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