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Little Shop of Horrors as a CofD Chronicle

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  • Little Shop of Horrors as a CofD Chronicle

    I'm a teacher and my school's drama department is putting on Little Shop of Horrors, and i got to thinking, "this would make an interesting CoD Chronicle."

    Chronicle of Darkness - The "Audrey II" is a Horror, unconnected to other lines, but perhaps linked to the god-machine

    Vampire the Requiem - The "Audrey II" is a plant ghoul "Mandragora?" with perhaps a Cruac ritually ensared Child of the Crone's mind in it.

    Werewolf the Forsaken - the "Audrey II" is a plant/murder spirit from the Shadow that crossed over and manifested and is influencing the characters.

    Mage the Awakened - the "Audrey II" is a mystery of the Fallen World to be investigated/stopped

    Promethean the Created - the "Audrey II" was created by a mad Alchemist or Centimanni, escaped and is plaguing humanity.

    Demon the Descent - the "Audrey II" is a sentient bio-mechanical infrastructure or Cryptid.

    Beast the Primordial - the "Audrey II" is an Insatiable

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    For Demon, I'd definitely go with cryptoflora for Audrey II. For Changeling the Lost, the plant could be from the Hedge, feeding on blood to thrive in an alien environment. For Geist, you could easily use any of the other explanations that you've come up with for other games and simply have the characters drawn in by the rising body count.

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      Changeling: Audrey II is a particularly nasty hobgoblin that got loose in the mortal world. Specifically, it's someone's Dream Bastion that somehow gained intelligence and mobility. People who are eaten by it aren't actually dead, but are trapped in an insane nightmare.

      Geist: Audrey II is a plant from the Underworld that grows on the waters of the Rivers of Death. The living world lacks such nutrition, and ghosts are the closest approximation to it. Hence all the killing. As it grows, its roots extend beyond the world of the living and reach out to the Underworld.

      Mummy: It's a plant Amkhat, something thought to be impossible, but someone made it anyway. It needs Sekhem to grow, but since raw Sekhem is rare it needs to devour lives and souls as a substitute.

      Other ideas for the games already mentioned

      Vampire: Audrey II is a cousin to the extinct Pijavica clan. Instead of a blood-slime-blob-thing, it goes through a period of planthood. Full growth turns it into a humanoid vampire.

      Werewolf: Audrey II is an idigam that Coalesced on the concepts of "the laws of the jungle." Its ban is that it cannot act against non-living creatures. Its bane is the bones of a living creature that sacrificed its flesh so that others may sustain themselves on it.

      Mage: Audrey II is not of the Fallen World. It was summoned from the Primal Wild via Supernal Summoning. Mages aren't yet quite sure if Audrey II is a true Supernal Entity, or if the summoning went wrong and resulted in an Abyssal Entity instead.

      Promethean: Audrey II is a qashmal. It was sent to shake up the local Prometheans into saving the community, which would ideally require them to use Electrification Transmutations, which would culminate in a Firestorm in the area for some other purpose.

      Demon: Audrey II is a Sliver. It used to be a former Exile that was entrusted with the Mission of converting excess biomass into energy.

      Beast: Some mishaps involving Primordial Pathways resulted in a Horror physically manifesting into the waking world, and it is "devouring" humans in an attempt to find the nascent Beast that was supposed to undergo the Devouring with it.

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        Reighnhell wrote up Audrey II as a Horror.

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          FOR Forsaken, I would say Audrey II is more likely a Claimed fly trap than a Materialized spirit. Or maybe a Coalesced Idigam. It is extra-terrestrial after all, and apparently came to earth during a To. Tal. E. Clipse. Of. The. Sun!

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