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    Originally posted by Moinen View Post
    ElvesofZion I'm not sure if I'm loading it correctly but Defense is still not calculated from Athletics. Maybe add an option to include it?
    You have to configure it manually every time you create a sheet, under the 'Settings' tab of the same character sheet. You have to do this for other merits that modify Advantages, like Giant, Fleet of Foot or Fast Reflexes. You'll just have to do it once, though.


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      Is it possible to add a "blank" sheet with editable titles, for use with custom splats and historical / fantasy campaigns?


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        Thanks a lot for this modification. And I give a thumb up for an empty editable sheet.

        [2E] Moinen's Homebrew Hub


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          Originally posted by Volke View Post

          It just says Integrity for Mortal, and Morality for HtV.

          Here's Mr.Gone's Site - (Thank you Mr. Gone <3 )

          Under HTV - maybe the Interactive Sheet would be appropriate for example if converted.

          For Beast & Demon - I'm sure if you ask the devs, they could get you the image for the character sheet borders without much difficulty.
          I have added my own beast background and logo, do you want me to post the changes that are necessary for it to show up?


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            For the background using the CSS code this needs to be in the Background image code:

            input.sheet-beastsheet:checked ~ .sheet-background-image::after {
            background: url('');
            background-size: 100% 100%;

            This will get the beast background in the character sheet.
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              Scratch that...
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                I've enabled issue tracking on my fork here:

                This way these notes won't get lost in the forums.

                EldritchMinister, I am not sure what you did or didn't do. If you want to make changes on my fork you should be able to and then we can merge them to roll20 from there.

                Edit: OK, I think I have added 'issues' for all the bugs and feature requests in this thread. Feel free to add more everyone.
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                  ElvesofZion, what I did on my end was just import your code as a custom so I could change the background area to the above posted code so the Beast character sheet used the proper background. I am however seeing an issue with the Logo not showing for some reason, even though it is there...I also changed it to the previous code I had that showed the Beast Logo, but that did not work either...but that's not a big deal. Just to qualm the coder in me, are you able to see the Demon, Beast, and Hunter logos properly on your character sheet in Roll20?

                  Edit: I have edited and put the proposed changes on the NWoD_Official.css (forked/changed/proposed changes) in your GitHub Project. This is for the Beast the Primordial Character Sheet Background only.
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                    So I've been enjoying the sheet ^-^ - I look forward to the sheet changes of backgrounds.

                    One bug that I've noticed in my game is for my Unchained Demon PC, when the sheet opens up - it always starts on the BtP sheet and than he has to manually change it.

                    Seems like a simple bug fix to solve.

                    With that said - keep up the work and know that your work is greatly appreciated <3