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Hurt Locker - Grenade Ground Zero

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  • Hurt Locker - Grenade Ground Zero

    Been reading a little closer on the rules for hurt locker and I stumbled over this:
    "This is the diameter (in meters or yards) of the explosion. Explosives have three blast areas: ground zero, primary, and secondary. The number listed is for the primary blast area, while the secondary blast area is twice this range. This trait is listed in three values separated by slashes. The first number is the ground zero blast area, the second number is the primary blast area, and the secondary blast area is twice this range."
    But the Blast Area trait isn't divided up by slashes in the chart. So was the "ground zero" zone removed in the final product or is it and error in the chart, and if so, what is the actual radius of ground zero on the weapons?

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    Yeah. I just use half the primary blast area.

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      Sounds like a good way to fix it up.

      Now I am just wondering what the thought process was and what the "official" mechanic was meant to be :P


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        The impression I had from the very first version was ground zero was what happened when someone was hit with a grenade which had problems when considering thrown grenades are usually going off because of a timer. It seems there was multiple draft ideas to handle the blast areas and some editing must have slipped through the cracks. At this point, I don't know that anyone would remember all the details.

        I think half of the listed blast area as the ground zero area to be reasonable and realistic enough for me.


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          This is my impression as well. It follows the range mechanic as well, so its easy enough to get use to.