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Question About the Singe Family

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  • Question About the Singe Family

    I have a question I cannot find an answer to anywhere.

    Deva Corp was founded by Marco Singe's parents. The G-M Chronicle Anthology makes it pretty clear that the Singes are a famous power couple as well as tech billionaires.

    So here's my question: What's Marco's father's name?

    We know Marco's mother is Gabriella Singe, that she's Italian, not Indian, and is just as 100% down with the maddening horrors of reality as Marco's father is. But what's his name? It just seems like one of those minor pieces of info that everyone ought to know (much like everyone knows Steve Jobs) particularly as she credits him as the more publicly recognised one, but it is not in any book I've checked.

    The Yozis are right (and you should suffer and obey for all eternity).