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    Hello. I was wondering, is it possible for mortals to make deals with spirits to get supernatural powers? If so, which book is this described in? If not, what are some other options for a mortal gaining supernatural powers? First or second edition works.

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    Demonic Pacts. Either Inferno or Descent would work. For Descent you can get retroactively made into an Offspring and that comes with embeds and other supernatural merits.


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      There's also a Pacts For Everyone thread.
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        iirc horrors you make with the Horror Creation rules can provide powers through deals, and there's nothing stopping people from making deals with angels/spirits/ghosts for them to fetter themselves to you and have them use their influence and numina when you request it as long as they agree.

        Angels can theoretically transform someone into a stigmatic with certain supernatural merits.

        In addition Inferno has rules for getting powers from deals with infernal ghosts, infernal spirits, infernal thoughts, and demons.
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        Genius templates (for Demon: the Descent)

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          Mirrors had a system for gaining the powers of other splats, called "forbidden lore". It had fluff on how to do it for all the gamelines up to Geist.


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            What is your goal, exactly? Mortals dealing with X (the Deal is important)? Mortals gaining supernatural powers (the powers added to a mortal are important)?

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              It's mostly the powers that are important. I've already looked at the Forbidden Lore section of mirrors, but that also requires a permanent loss of Reason, and I don't think that quite fits the character I'm making. He is a soldier, so if there are things that make deals in exchange for lives that could be a thing. I may try using the Horror system, as milo v3 suggested.


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                Well, I've made a few mortal + powers minimalist systems.
                Beast Cultist = Mortal + some Beast powers.
                Hedge Sorcerer = Mortal + Changeling Contracts
                Soul-Shaped = Mortal + Mage Legacy
                Affinity Users = Mortal + Mummy Affinities
                Influence-based Mages = Mage built like an Ephemeral. You could easily rule it as a person who made deals with spirits for their powers.

                Primordial Sorcery is also a good thing to look into.

                Hurt Locker has some nice microtemplates. Lost Boys, in particular, would fit the soldier concept.

                And, of course, you could just stick however many Supernatural Merits on them you like.
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                  That should work. Thanks.


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                    You should also check out the Book Of Spirits and Second Sight.

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                      I had quick-and-dirty rules for playing a mortal with access to Gifts. Basically, you need a Spirit to cut it into your soul and body (1 Aggravated damage, and it's got to be a fairly powerful spirit to do it, Rank 3+). Your Integrity maximum permanently drops by 1 (the human soul was never supposed to be sliced up like this), but you gain a Gift and 1 Facet from it (and an Essence pool of 1), and can get more Facets with Experiences.

                      And yes, this is definitely something an Idigam might decide to do.

                      Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.


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                        If I recall correctly, a Fate 5 spell also allows for a targeted mortal to gain Supernatural Merits. I believe it was Forge Destiny?

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