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Do supernatural beings have ghosts?

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    Originally posted by malonkey1 View Post
    I'm having a thought. Changelings get bits of their souls torn up when they escape the Hedge (and stiching themselves back together with Faerie stuff arguable makes them Changelings). Mages can make ghosts from Soul Stones, which are bits of a person's soul. Do you suppose that what a Changeling leaves behind could become a Hedge Ghost?

    (It's possible somebody has already said something official about it, in which case I need to pay more attention.)
    Originally posted by Rose Bailey View Post
    Not all Hedge ghosts, however, are former changelings or humans. Emotions shape the Hedge: strong impressions of fear and pain, joy and rapture, feelings that can grow so overwhelming that they awaken as their own entities. Travelers passing through the Hedge also leave pieces of themselves behind, bits of their souls that snag on the Thorns. A potent enough Icon may detach itself and continue wandering, or be gathered up by a hobgoblin seamstress and sewn into something new, made entirely out of other scraps of souls.

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      Vampires also have the Ash That Devours, a not-quite ghost of a powerful blood sorcerer that can attempt to reconsititute its physical undead form.

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