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A Meeting of Demons

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  • A Meeting of Demons

    Just curious, but what would happen if one of the Unchained met one of the demons of Inferno? What kind of relationship do the two types of demon have?

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    By default the unchained have zero relationship to an infernal demon. There may be some unchained who think they can escape the G.M. by going to the infernal but they are not the majority.
    One is a being that feeds on and incites vices while the other is a biomechanics horror that pretends its human.

    If they met? I'd say if they had no reason to dislike each other or weren't competing for something they'd likely look at how to use each other or simply not interact.


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      A battle of liars with cosmic power on offer, both looking to exploit the other and deny them the spirit of their deal together.

      Rather a familiar experience for both parties once you get past the skin and down into the guts of it.


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        Another concept of demons meetup would be...
        - A spirit of sin
        - The character of Mephistopheles from Faust (I think that would work as a goetia right? If not then the idea or concept of demon)
        - The ghost of a truly evil person
        - An unchained

        I like that in CofD there are so many things that would fit the 'demon' concept while still being very different and distinct from each other.

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