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[2E] Salt - Universal ephemeras Bane?

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  • [2E] Salt - Universal ephemeras Bane?

    I always have a problem that mortals and hunters do not have a typical 'weapons' to fight ephemeras. In Supernatural or Castelvania the answer is too use Salt on any 'demon'. I vaugly remember something like that in CoD 2E rules.

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    It was in the God Machine Chronicle update, the one available for free.

    'Effect: Salt represents purity in many cultures. This purity holds the unnatural at bay. Ethereal creatures such as ghosts and demons cannot pass through an unbroken line of salt. If all portals into a building are lined with salt, ethereal creatures cannot even force their way through walls or ceilings.
    If actively used in an Abjuration (see p. 231), salt adds its die bonus. If a spirit tries to use Numina to break a salt line, it must spend Willpower to make the attempt and suffers the die bonus as a penalty to the activation. The Willpower does not add to the roll.
    If salt is integrated into a weapon, for example in buckshot, the weapon becomes able to harm ghosts. Any successful hit causes the ghost to lose Corpus equal to the successes rolled (the damage rating of the weapon does not add to this) and forces the ghost to Discorporate for that many turns. Note, however, that the weapon or ammunition doesn’t stop at the ghost. A character who shoots a shotgun loaded with rock salt at a Manifested phantom might damage it, but will also damage whatever is behind it.'