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Dark Eras: Seven Wonders of the World

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  • Dark Eras: Seven Wonders of the World

    I just thought this era reserved its own thread, since Islamic Golden Era got one.

    From 100 BC to 50 BC is an interesting time. The time of Caesar, Cleopatra, the remaining states of Alexander the Greats Empire, while Rome begins its, rise, a rise that will lead to Emperors.

    And at the centre of all the action The Great Pryimds, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (or Navieh), the Light House of Alexandria, The Colossus of Roads, the Statue of Zeus, the Temple Artemis, the Mosuleum.

    An adventure that spans Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Babylonian/Assyrian, and other cultures, all on the back drop of the rising threat of ancient Rome.

    And these structure aren't just marvels of human ability, they're connected to the True Fae and their magic, which has all kinds of wonderous effects on oddly Promeathans, drawing them into close, proximity to each other, which means Changelings caught in the middle.

    What do you guys hope to see from this Era, and if it gets expanded what splat would you like to see added?

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    i'd like to see werewolf. Imagine Packs whose Totem are arethe very spirits of the seven wonders


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      Plus it is the time of the original Lykaon, the Lodge of Mania and the Lodge of Arkadia. Would definitely like to see some werewolf.

      Vampire would be cool, too, seeing what the cults that would become the Circle of the Crone were like.
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        I just want me some Mithridatic Wars. If I get that, no matter what else is in this era, I will be happy.

        I'm torn on Werewolf, although it is one of the ideas I'm entertaining for this era. On one hand, there are some pretty awesome things you can do with it. On the other, Forsaken by Rome already covered this time period, at least from a Roman viewpoint. This is shortly after the Marian Reforms, when Magna Mater binds the spirits of the legionary standards to her will, so I worry a bit about retreading some of the same ground, although I know there is a lot more than just Rome here. If I were to add Werewolf, since we are dealing with Hellenized Anatolia, I'd likely also ask to see an update of the Baal-Hadad.

        Mage could be interesting as a follow up to the events of To The Strongest. A similar crossover section to the Mage/Mummy one for Promethean and Changeling would be incredible. This is also the time period when the Tremere lure the Najaraja to Egypt with rumours of vampires, which could be very interesting.

        A Parthian and/or Pontic society of Vampires who want nothing to do with the Camarilla or the Senex would be awesome.

        I'd love to see me some Zoroastrian Hunters from Parthia and since this era covers a number of cultures, it would allow some good variety in compacts and conspiracies.

        And then Mummy and Demon are pretty obvious additions since both of them can make use of architecture and both would have interesting interactions with Promethean and Changeling.

        All in all, there are a lot of expansion possibilities.

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          I would really love to see a formal connection here between Changelings and the stories of those physically altered by the gods: Arachne, Medusa, and the like. I'm also really curious to see any mention of what the Beasts of the time period are like. Antiquity is the time of some of mythology's greatest monsters and the lessons they have to teach, and I'd be fascinated to hear a little about them.

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            Ancient Greece Beasts sound f*****g awesome. A centaur Anakim! A Namtaru named Hecatonchieres! Eshmaki 'ghosts' that drink blood! Ugallu sphinxes!


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              Originally posted by Demigod Beast View Post
              Ancient Greece Beasts sound f*****g awesome. A centaur Anakim! A Namtaru named Hecatonchieres! Eshmaki 'ghosts' that drink blood! Ugallu sphinxes!
              Not to mention Charybdis, Scylla, and the Dark Mother herself Echidna.

              Remi. she/her. game designer.


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                Tough choices for you ever chooses to expand this Era, if they do, but personally I'm learning towards those splats that value architecture, Mummies, Demons, and Mages (Wonders as Nexuses and Hallows). Still it involves Pyramids, Temples, and Tombs so Mummy is almost impossible to resist if I was going to expand this Era.

                Of course we could all end up surprised and end up with deviant or a minor splat like the Possessed from Inferno or something.
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                  Mummies and Werewolves have write ups set around this Era (both in DEC) and it isn't that far geographically. I am keeping an eye on it though.

                  Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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                    Latest update on the KS was focused around Seven Wonders of the Ancient World here.

                    Definitely digging the Promethean side of things. While the idea, at first glance, of tourism being a form of pilgrimage, is something I would laugh at (especially with the perception of tourism now), it does make a bit of sense. Especially in the perspective of Prometheans seeing the Wonders as being the pinnacle of human achievement and allowing them internalize it on what they themselves could achieve as part of their Pilgrimage.

                    Especially since they, for once, get a Dark Era that isn't completely mired in conflict and upheaval. Sure, "Handful of Dust" was awesome, but was still mired in one of the harshest and most difficult times in American history. And the eras they got in DEC, especially with "The Soulless and the Dead" and "When the Horsemen Rode" the Promethean side of things on how apocalyptic everything is and existential horror and how after awhile it just feels...kinda same-y.

                    So to have an Era for Prometheans that takes place during a (relatively) more tranquil and peaceful time is a breath of fresh air.
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