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    "Make your statement, face your fear."

    Jonathan Sims is not pleased with his recent promotion to Head Archivist for the Magnus Institute. Mostly, this is because his predecessor had no concept of proper filing techniques or backup recordings. Frankly, it's a mess down there, with every statement of paranormal happenings that have been handed in for the Institute to research being scattered here and there between dozens of different file folders.

    This is unacceptable. So he starts putting them all down on tape, reading them out loud just as they were written.

    Soon enough patterns begin to emerge, depicting a world that is much stranger, much darker, and much more dangerous than Jonathan would like.

    So I started listening to this horror anthology podcast a while back, and I'm loving it. Any given statement could be the seed for an entire WoD session, and several of the reocurring themes, such as the Library of Jurgen Leitner or the buildings of Robert Smirke, are very appropriate for Mage in particular. There are Horrors (including one who has an amiable chat with our Archivist), spiders that are disturbingly similar to Azlu, cults, maddeningly beautiful songs, and worms.

    Anyone else given this a listen? Thoughts?

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    Necro'ing this thread because I've just started this podcast (it's a good length for my work commute) and the CofD vibe to it hit me right away. I'm not very deep into it yet but nearly every episode leaves me wondering how I'd stat that particular creature for a game. The Institute itself could work as a Hunter compact, along the same lines as the Loyalists of Thule.


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      Yeah I enjoyed it a lot, definitely a lot of stuff you can use for Chronicles.


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        Will subscribe it and listen a few eps before reviewing.

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          I'm now about three-quarters of the way through the show, I've got the rules for Claimed, Hosts and Pangaeans, and I'm ready to homebrew the shit out of this.


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            I had a friend recommend this to me, and I'm only about 30 episodes in, but it's great and great fuel for games.


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              I binged this damn series, putting spoilers for "season" three under a cut:

              The moment Michael Crew says "You feed it, and it feeds you," I realized this show was a lot more Beast than Hunter. Though really, Beast with a side of Werewolf, as some of the Avatars seem more like Claimed than Begotten, and the Powers act more like totems than individual Horrors.

              That last episode, though? Jon facing the Eye directly? That's a Devouring, absolutely.

              I've been playing around with a pseudo-fansplat for this show; it doesn't really fit into CofD cosmology, but it also doesn't take much tweaking to get CofD rules into MAG cosmology (such as it is). Just add rules for building Avatars and the rest takes care of itself.


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                Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Really loving it so far

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                  possibly my fave podcast,

                  I always figured the best way to stat the avatars is as modified claimed, I can see Johns journey as maybe not quite urged at the beginning of season 1, to something closer to claimed by the end of season 3, all with some extra rules here and there,

                  also the not sasha seemed a lot like demon cover.