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Wamphyri: Which splat would make the best ones, Beast or Deviant?

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  • Wamphyri: Which splat would make the best ones, Beast or Deviant?

    Obviously, only people playtesting the Deviant game would be able to say anything about that, but rather than rejiggering a bunch of things about Vampire to give myself some Wamphyri goodness, would Beast work to simulate Wamphyri? Should I wait and see about Deviant? Or should I just re-jigger Vampire? Or is there another splat which could give me what I want?

    For those who don't know what I'm talking about: Wamphyri are living sci-fi vampires that were created by Brian Lumley in the Necroscope series of sci-fi/horror novels. They could modify their own bodies and the bodies of others, which was an obvious inspiration for the Tzimisce we all know and love.

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    It fits the best with Vampire. Remains to be seen for Deviant but doesn't really fit with Beast so far. The self manipulation could be done through a unique Ordo Dracul coil, with a series of scales to allow for the flesh vats and ghoul things. There are already bloodlines that have control over their own flesh.
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        That's another option, but I still think most of it is already vampire. They have the standard vampire weaknesses, sun, stake, fire. They have the Beast, in the form of the parasite. They have the intoxicating and addicting blood and other powers. A Centimani can create Pandorans, I think, but even then I don't think you could get the huge monstrosities the wamphyri had in their war beasts, Pandorans seem to be limited in size.

        The big thing is their interest in humanity. The Wamphyri aren't just Wamphyri, they're Wamphyri Lords. They have Aeries and they rule over humanity. The Centimani 'live in isolation on the outskirts of civilization. They find the ruined places, the wastelands and the wilderness, and they only leave to hunt among the weak and defenseless.' While vampires embrace humanity, providing they're on top of it. Which fits with the Wamphyri.


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          Replace the alien parasite with a strix, and you've basically got Vampire: the Requiem. Beast is a game about being the Evil Overlord, gathering up monsters into your private Lair and scaring humanity as you (take over, destroy, collect a hoard). It doesn't really really do parasitism well, nor mind control or any of the other abilities of the Wamphyri.

          Deviant I'm not that familiar with; I haven't even been watching any previes or hints coming down the pipe. What I do know is that its a game with measures of revenge against those who made you a Deviant, and that you have to hold back your Scars from manifesting into the Man-Fly or something along those nature. No societies, small lifespan... What little I know doesn't seem to fit sci-fi vampires at all.

          I do think you're best tweaking VtR - that seems to be the closest fit at the moment.


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            In VtM I made them the progenitors of what the Tzimisce clan were ... a nightmare that even they feared. For CoD its a good question. They are vampires, that's for sure. Nightmarish flesh crafting things. One of their weakness would be their eyes (if I remember right they always looked like blood filled yellow lights) as well as when they go all beast and transform into that nightmare form of theirs. One could use the current rules tweak, like MCN noted. The 1000 years of Darkness book shows us that all blood vampire bloodline/clan thing as well. Not to far to image a group of Ordo Dracul experimenting on what makes one a vampire and actually coalescing the very essence of the vampire into the parasite and thus creating it. Remember that removing the parasite, which while incredibly difficult, can be done and it makes the former host normal, well, sorta normal lol. A way to golconda and humanity regained perhaps? The whole creating monsters thing is indeed the toughest part of the clan/bloodline. Flyers and warriors were nasty and big .. really big. They would be tough to hide from the general public, so isolated (really really isolated) estates, or private islands (that would work well ... oh the ideas for that), or caves and such. The other things they made were usually tucked away somewhere hidden, like the gas beasts, the siphoners and such, but just as nasty and horrific, considering they were all human once (or maybe trog if you are over in the Source).


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              Changeling, a True Fae could do the sorts of things you say that Wamphyri Lords can do, and more besides.


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                Beast is conceptually broad enough to let you be a Wamphyri, (or any monster, really) of a sort, but it doesn't have powers like the ones you've described. In Beast you're an ordinary looking person who "woke up" to the fact that you're a monster. You can manifest some monstrous powers but your monstrous self mostly hangs out in the primordial dream. You could still homebrew it, of course, but it's definitely not the easiest fit in the line.