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Variations Question: Modular Option?

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  • Variations Question: Modular Option?

    (This is for Dapper Dave and anyone else involved in the making of DTR; if they can't answer it without breaking NDAs or otherwise committing spoilers, I guess I'll just have to keep wondering until the game becomes available.)

    Is it possible for Remade to have modular Variations? Something that, for instance, provides a bonus to a particular Skill, but the Skill involved can be changed between game sessions? Would I be correct in guessing that such a thing would require some fairly severe Scars to support it?

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    Im not working on it but im guessing that it would be hard to explain it like how dos it change dos it come from your past family manbers or your past lives maybe but i doubt it


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      I was thinking something appropriate to a cyborg, like downloadable Skills ("I know kung fu") or swappable limbs (one set of arms with enhanced Strength, another with improved Dexterity).


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        So i see what you mean well im guessing it might be unlikely but if they think about it sure why not


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          It seems possible to me. It is thematically appropriate and Demon has an ability called Download Knowledge that is basically the 'I know Kung Fu' moment, and another power called 'Fungible Knowledge' (I think) that lets you trade skills for each other; so it is not crazy to have changeable Skills.


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            Gosh I hope so. I have a character I wanted to make, and I don't wanna try and hack it unless I have to.

            Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.