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    Its been a little while since I have written up Chronicle of Darkness material (been playing around with a few other game systems). But lets stretch some muscles.

    RE: The Hating Tree

    A cool little story - it makes my inner Crypt Keeper cackle madly.

    Here is the write up. I also did an extra one just to knock off some writing rust.

    The Hating Tree
    Gauntlet: +0, Potency: 4, Willpower: 5

    “The Hating Tree” is a large, gray tree that sits in a clearing in a remote part of the woods. It is a sinister looking thing, with its limbs bare and its branches reaching upward like a skeletal hand. Wherever its bark has fallen away to expose bare wood, initials have been carved. Thousands, possibly more, sets of these initials crisscross the surface of the tree like crude tattoos.
    There is a potent force within the tree. An individual can carve their initials, and the initials of someone they hate into the tree. Doing so curses the hated one with misfortune. But for this to work, one must also sacrifice something they hold dear. The amount of misfortune is always equivalent to the value of the sacrifice. Small possessions, relationships, and even lives have been given to the tree, and in every instance and equivalent tragedy befalls the one so marked.

    Environmental Traits: Repair Structure, Weirdness, Wishing Well

    Repair Structure: The Hating Tree recovers from trivial damage easily, though it bears the scars of many attempts to destroy it. If The Hating Tree is ever destroyed (chopped down, uprooted, or burned to ashes) it will re-appear in a similar location and environment within a year and a day. There is always a Hating Tree. Somewhere.

    Weirdness: The haunting, bizarre appearance gives the Hating Tree a dark, foreboding presence.

    Wishing Well: By marking the tree with ones initials and the initials of someone the character hates, the tree can inflict misfortune upon that individual. The misfortune is equal in magnitude to the harm the character wishes to inflict. By sacrificing a Trait, the target will lose an equal amount from an equivalent trait within 24 hours of the sacrifice. Merit Dots, Aspirations, and points of Bashing or Lethal damage the character inflicts upon themselves are all valid sacrifices. Experiences spent on sacrificed Merits are refunded (as per Sanctity of Merits), Aspirations lost this way can only be restored at the Storytellers discretion. Damage taken must be healed normally.

    Le Carnaval de l'Etrange
    Gauntlet: +0, Potency: 3, Willpower: 4

    In this sophisticated age, Le Carnaval seems like a quaint relic of a bygone time. It in an open field or fairground near the outskirts of town every few years in the spring or fall, its presence announced by the smells of popcorn and funnel cake, and the sounds of the calliope. The Carnaval boasts rides, games, and a multitude of shows and attractions, with acrobats, clowns, jugglers, fortune tellers and several more ...unique oddities and amusements. All under the watchful eye of its proprietor, Mr. Étienne Leveque. Mr. Leveque is a tall, handsome, dark-skinned man, with a noticeable creole accent and his head shaven clean, who bills himself as a mesmerist, magician and storyteller.
    All visitors to the Carnival are treated courteously, with the performers making every effort to entertain their audience., but there are several rules that must be observed - pay for your ticket (with exceptions made for special guests), respect the performers, and always applaud. There are rumors of what happens to those that break the rules, and none of them are pleasant.
    The Carnival remains for 3 days, typically over a weekend, packing up and disappearing into the night as quickly and quietly as it arrived.

    Environmental Traits: Inhabited, Lure, Misfortune

    Inhabited: The Carnival is the home and sanctuary of a troupe of performers and a menagerie of exotic beasts. Anyone declared by vote to be a member of the troupe gains the benefit of Inhabited Trait. In case of a tie, the deciding vote is always cast by Mr. Leveque.

    Lure: The Carnival, despite its turn of the century aesthetics, is a marvel, where even the occasional tarnished knob or frayed banner seems to add to the over all appeal. From the attractions to the treats, all compel the senses, making it easy for one to wander away, following the latest thing to catch their fancy.

    Misfortune: Accidents and other mishaps befall those who break the rules of the Carnival. Minor violations warrant a few scares and a stern warning. Those responsible for more..egregious violations often seem to go missing.

    Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
    The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
    Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
    Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


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      The Crown Of The Oceans
      Gauntlet: Verge, Potency: 4, Willpower: 7

      Many tales of impossible vistas and fantastic beings seen in foreign lands are the result of explorers distorting perfectly mundane phenomena through a mixture of surprise and shock. However, there is a location where such tales are all too real: an island of unknown dimensions and coordinates, where remnants of many civilizations real and imagined can be found. Little is known about the island, supposedly because it rests on the back of some great sea monster that can appear anywhere in all the oceans and disappear just as quickly. Furthermore, reports of just what is inside the island vary wildly and often contradict each other. The constants are that it is filled to the brim with glorious treasures and strangely hospitable monsters. Not only that, it is agreed upon in all accounts that once inside, perceptions of space and time become confusing at best. Lastly, the most insidious thing about the island is that, unbeknownst to many, it has no power to remove one’s free will. People who reach its depths are unlikely to ever return simply because it is comfortable and wondrous in there. Freedom is always one more treasure away or party away. If one manages to leave, a horrible surprise awaits them.

      Awakened: Its Aspiration is “Entertain And Please All Guests”. Its Specialties are Hospitality, Seduction and Adventures.

      Gateway: The entirety of the island is a permanently active portal to the Hedge.

      Hallucinations: One never knows for sure how much time passes inside the island.

      Inhabited: Sirens and mermaids follow the island, and inside it one can find sensual creatures like nymphs, satyrs and many more. Whatever one’s desires are, there is a creature inside who can satisfy it.

      Lure: The island’s sands are made of gold, the water around it turns to wine, and for miles around it one can hear moans of satisfaction, playful laughter and whispers of sweet nothings.

      Maze: The ecosystem of the island resembles a forest. From outside, its trees seem normal, but inside one finds that their canopies block the heavens entirely, making it hard to keep track of how many days have passed. Even technologies like compasses and GPS tracking do not function properly, and no useful maps of the location exist.

      Memory Loss: Of note is that most individuals tend to remember only the most positive aspects of their stay in the island.

      Specialty Feature: The island grants a +2 Equipment Bonus to the following tasks: Crafts (Cooking), Survival (Shelter), Investigation (Treasures) and Socialize (Parties).

      Temporal Distortion (Greater): The island receives the Rote Quality on its roll of 11 dice to make time pass slower inside it in relation to the outside, and each Success increases the disparity by 100%.

      "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


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        Andrew's Rainbow House, Seattle WA
        Originally posted by
        This was in West Seattle. The boy's name was Andrew and he lived with his father, an out-of-work carpenter and a violent drunk. Normal people with normal names.
        On the night of Andrew’s 16th birthday, the old man is drinking and howling at Andrew about not trying out for football. In the middle of the argument, Andrew reveals to his father: he’s gay.
        They often sound like mere gossip.
        The father, enraged, hits the boy across the face with a piece of wood. Andrew, a skinny kid, drops dead.
        Then there's the twist.
        When the father wakes up the next day, he walks outside and sees that his entire house is painted rainbow colors and a large "A" has been tiled across the roof.
        The surface reality is ruptured.
        The father buys a load of grey paint and repaints the house. The next day he wakes—the house is rainbow—colored. Again, he re-paints. Again: rainbow in the morning. To this day, you can drive out to West Seattle and see the house, rainbow-colored no matter what color his father tries to paint it...

        Die Pool: 9
        Gauntlet: 5
        Potency: 3
        Mystery Opacity: 4
        Surface Information:
        Originally posted by
        A young man named Andrew who was gay finally decided to tell his father he was gay. His father freaked out and killed his son and himself. The next morning the house was painted rainbow colors on the front and the back of the house is an array of colors and swirls. There is also colored tile on the roof and a gray letter "A" in the tile roof. The house has been painted before but the next day the house is always backing to the rainbow colors. The house was shown on "Unsolved Mysteries" for the unexplained activity.
        Supernal?: Yes
        Primary Arcanum: Matter There is a leak of Supernal Matter altering energy leaking into the house, from a spot on the floor.
        Secondary Arcanum: Death Sees the death stain left by the murder/suicide, and if they know the Matter Arcanum that the leak of Supernal Matter altering energy lines up with the site of the murder victim's final moments alive on the floor.
        Peripheral Mage Sight
        Contested?: No
        Deep Information: The disturbance is caused by the successful Awakening of Andrew on the Moros Path during his dying moments and his soul's Ascension into the Supernal Stygia leaving the house as an Artifact shaped the Truth of his soul realized while he was dying which lead to his Ascension to the Supernal realms. It also becomes clear it is very fragile and mystical tampering would almost certainly allow the Abyss to taint the benign flow of Supernal energy.
        Willpower: 4
        Lure: The location has a feature or landmark that compels fascination. A Character that enters the location with this Environment must make a Resolve + Composure roll with a -3 penalty, or gain the Lured Condition. This condition compels those affected to wander away from companions or relative safety to investigate the object or place that compels them. Any attempts to dissuade a Lured character from their course of action suffer a -3 penalty. Following the compulsion grants a Beat.
        Weirdness: The location has a specific minor effect that is strange, but generally harmless. Wall colors that shifts patterns into swirling rainbow patterns when unobserved. When a character enters a location with this Environment, the Location can roll its Dice Pool, resisted by the characters Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance Trait. If it is successful, the character gains the Spooked Condition until the end of the scene.
        Inhabited: A Cabal of Pentacle Mages considers the Place its home, and that familiarity grants them a distinct advantage against intruders. They treat this place as a free 3 dots of the Safe Place Merit and gains a +2 bonus to their rolls to resist supernatural effects. The cabal that inhabits the location is also immune to the effects of the other Environments the Place. This Environment is always active for as long as the cabal resides at the location.
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        “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” ~ Aristophanes
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          Any fans of Genius: The Transgression? If so you'll know what this is based of off. I retooled it as a Strange Place that is very interesting for Mages.

          Seattle OF TOMORROW!

          Die Pool: 13
          Gauntlet: NA (Seattle OF TOMORROW has no Gauntlet/Hisil)
          Potency: 5
          Opacity: 6
          Surface Information: Seattle's primary Mystery is its miraculous double life, as it contains portals to an Alternate Seattle as imagined as "The Seattle OF TOMORROW" during the 1962 World's Fair cranked up to 11, with the alternate version containing a plethora of Zeerust Raygun Gothic Technological Atlantian Artifacts, and is inhabited solely by the survivors of those that have stumbled inside, their descendants, and frequent patrols of magical empowered technological robotic security and maintenance drones hostile to anything of the Kingdom Animalia (Except those carrying a security pass appropriate to their current location) run by a megalomaniac brilliant Artificial Intelligence named Megiddo. Sun light within the alternate Seattle is filtered through a giant crystal dome over the city.
          Supernal?: Yes
          Primary Arcanum: Time (It is clear this is a fragment of an alternate broken timeline).
          Secondary Arcanum: Mind (It is also clear the city itself thinks)
          Peripheral Mage Sight
          Contested?: Yes
          Deep Information:
          Seattle OF TOMORROW is a broken twisted shard of Atlantis that could have existed if the Fall had not happened. The shard is warped into a perversely perfectionist dystopia because of the Fall, and is a frightening cracked fun-house mirror reflection of the glory of Atlantis. Megiddo understands that it is trapped by its own protocols and within an Alternate Reality with limited influence in the Material World. This makes it very bitter and dangerous, as it sees humans having no more intrinsic value than fruit flies, other than humans can carry appropriate security cards which allows Megiddo to not exterminate them, thus granting potential temporary utility to the fleshy bag of meat. Seattle is the only remaining city in the reality it exists, and is maintained by the robots manufactured by Megiddo.

          Willpower: 8
          Artificially Intelligent: Seattle OF TOMORROW has a will and a mind of its own, in the form of u
          biquitously integrated present Artificial Intelligence named Megiddo. Its Aspiration is "Produce, spread, and maintain the perfect system." and gains an additional 2 points of Willpower it may spend per scene. If it earns additional Willpower, as from fulfilling its Aspiration, it can spend those extra points. Seattle OF TOMORROW also gains a +3 bonus to three “Specialty” actions: Using it's amazing intellect; Maintaining Surveillance on those within it; Manipulating those it communicates with. This Environment is always active.
          SCIENCE!!! Mania Opens Access Corridors: The Seattle of TOMORROW is different realm from the material one, a world where a zerust raygun gothic version of Seattle's future exists within a giant dome separating it from a toxic, caustic and radioactive atmosphere of a ruined world outside that reality's Seattle. Typically a location only has one such access point, but Seattle OF TOMORROW is a massive and powerful location, so it connects through multiple points to the material world, all within the boundaries of where the 1962 World Fair once stood. The exact points of those connections have the Gateway Condition, which is linked to the parallel in the material world. Opening a Gateway requires two things specific timing/location for each Gateway, and second the character must either have the Obsession Condition in regards to Mad Science or an Obsession about pursuing a specific application of Mad Science as defined in Mage mechanics which acts as the trigger for the Access Corridor to Open.
          Inhabited by Machines: Numerous drones and droids consider the Place their home, and that familiarity grants them a distinct advantage against intruders. Any mechanical creature that was created within the Environment gains 3 dots of the Safe Place Merit and gains a +2 bonus to its rolls to resist supernatural effects. The creature that inhabits the location is also immune to the effects of any other Environments the Place might possess This Environment is always active for as long as the creature resides at the location. These droids and drones are hostile or any living member of the Animalia Kingdom without a Security Pass for their Current area, including supernatural ones. Dead and Undead creatures are treated as refuse when by clean up drone and droids when unmoving, which is say they are carted to incinerators for disposal when found.
          Wonders Beyond Imagining: The Seattle of TOMORROW has an ability to fulfill the hearts desire of a character at the location. How the wish manifests is through searching the city to find the item desired or a facility that is able produce said item, with nearly any imaginable desire being possible if it can be found. Fulfilled Wonders can include removing or applying a condition or tilt, granting a Merit, Skill or Attribute at 5 dots, finding the knowledge needed to fulfill an Aspiration, or simply causing death and misfortune to befall someone else within Seattle OF TOMORROW. Items that can be taken with a person that do wondrous things are Supernal Artifacts in the form of fantastic technology, represented up to a Artifact •••••. In all cases, finding these things comes with a price that must be paid to reap the benefit of such power, the permanent loss of one of the character's Personal Aspirations, as they find themselves less driven the more they indulge partaking of the city's wonders. If a character has no Personal Aspirations they find nothing that this Environment represents works for them.
          Dizzying World of the Future: The amazingly sleek, shiny, and wondrous city of tomorrow is a disorienting mass of walking pathways, monorails, transport tubes and corridors that twist, turn, and loop back upon themselves. Seattle OF TOMORROW isn't a literal labyrinth, but it is sufficiently maze-like that the distinction is mere semantics. Characters attempting to trace their steps or find a way out of the area must succeed at an Intelligence + Composure roll with a -3 dice penalty, and if they fail they gain the Lost Condition.
          Impossible Cloning Technology: If an reasonably intact corpse is brought to one of the medical facilities, the location can return that dead person back to life through body scanning and cloning. The revived individual is merely human (or other mundane species, if that was previously the case) without any Templates, with the Soulless, Tainted (as per VtR), and Amnesia (Their whole lives) Conditions.
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          “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” ~ Aristophanes
          "Virescit Vulnere Virtus" ~ Stewart Clan Motto


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            RE: Seattle of TOMORROW

            I gotta say that this is awesome! I have been very interested in the the Raygun Gothic Aesthetic lately, and this is the sort of plot hook that a group of players can explore for months.

            Very Impressive!

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