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I want to know every metafore in the splats

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  • I want to know every metafore in the splats

    Ok so i heard tramez from promethen is a metafore for under prevliged wroking class so i want to know all the metafores for every splat so i can role play them better and hell maybe we can all benefit from this

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    OK, I'm trying to avoid crapping here, but this is a pretty iffy thing to get into.

    Taking the metaphors involved in the different games too intensely always goes bad. There's also plenty of issues where the books use a metaphor to attempt to explain something, and some portion of the fans read that as what the "core" metaphor for that splat actually is.

    For the most part, the supernaturals and splats of the games are not metaphors for anything. They're avenues for exploring topics. The metaphors are what we create by playing out the explorations of those themes and topics. A game of vampire could have on vampire that's a metaphor for addiction, and another vampire that's a metaphor for sexual abuse, and another vampire that's a metaphor for the abuses of the rich and powerful. But Vampire, or the Clans, or the Covenants aren't those things until we put them into practice.

    The different games certain encourage different things, as to the splats within them. That's probably the more fruitful thing to talk about, but it's also generally laid out pretty directly in the introduction section of the books.


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      What Heavy Arms said. That's why games ought to have themes and moods, set by their respective STs.


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        That's not to say this wasn't a good thought to have. A role-playing advice thread for various archetypal characters is a nice thing to have. But @HeavyArms is right that the metaphorical aspects of the families are very dependant on the individual story

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          There are a lot of metaphors at play in different places across different lines. And it's worth noting that metaphor isn't allegory -- just because something in one of the games is a metaphor for something doesn't mean that every detail lines up with an element of that referent.

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            Alright i get it thanks