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    Not enough room in your house? Tired of having to sort everything manually? Didn’t bring the enchanted weaponry from your house when facing your rival? Police on your trail when you want to dispose of the body?

    Say no more!

    Here are Applied Storage LLC we provide innovative solutions to your storage needs. From maximizing the amount of things you can store in comfy home to providing an easy hand held solution to carrying everything you could want, we have you covered. Our company’s services are admittedly quite expensive and exclusive, requiring both a substantial financial investment and a thorough background check, though prefered clientele may forgo this at the company’s leisure.

    Create a server to store your belongings using our patented quantum digitization technology. Then using our handy dandy remote access terminal, sort and browse through your belongings anywhere within the city. Store entire rooms for use, or even create your own virtual menagerie using captured beasts.
    (Applied Storage LLC is not responsible for users who trap themselves in the storage system. Prices may vary according to your region. Please, contact your representative for price comparisons.)


    The fundamental process of using an Applied Storage system is easy and intuitive and follows a simple procedures.
    Storing an item in any Applied Storage device is as simple as placing the item into the screen, as taking an Instant action.
    Withdrawing an item is the same way, though slightly more complicated. Simply search the screen for the item you want or type its name, then place your hand into the screen and pull the item out. Simple enough to be done as an Instant action!

    Applied Storage system use a specialized storage cartridges to hold items in a digital format until withdrawal. These cartridges may be transferred between other Applied Storage devices quite easily, allowing for the quick transferring the contents over long distances at a fraction of the hassle.

    Be sure to check for the maximum volume a given Applied Storage device can transfer; if an item is too big, it cannot be taken into the device and written into a disk. If a cartridges possesses an item that is too large for the system to produce, it will simply deny access to that item (though the item will be displayed as being on the storage disk).


    Our Storage Network product line is our oldest and most developed storage option. This system is space inefficient, taking up the space of a computer server in general. Purchasing most parts is relatively cheap due to the age of components and the tried and tested design, especially if one decides to purchase used.

    Network Controller ●●●
    Any Network that possesses more than either a single Storage Unit must possess a Controller to link them together. This is also essential to utilize any type of Deployer or Assembler, as well as to enable remote access via any remote terminal.
    The Network Controller comes with a large supply of cables to allow linking between other Applied Storage devices and allows electricity to be supplied to each and every item.(Applied Storage is not responsible for your electric bills)
    Additionally, the Network Controller comes with an easy access holoscreen to allow a network owner to simply search the total contents of the network for items or to send commands to other parts of the network. A Controller allows for the storage or withdrawal of up to Size 5 items from its interface, but has no capacity for a storage cartridge.

    Storage Unit ●
    The humble storage Unit is a simple device (well, in comparison to other strange devices). A large box the size of a desktop computer full of hardware including an interface and energy cells, it is able to act as an independent of a Network, though unable to connect to other Applied Storage devices without a Network Controller.
    It posses a single slot to hold any standard Storage Cartridge and has an interface to allow the storage or withdrawal of items up to size 3.

    Storage Array ●●●
    About the same size, but much more complicated than the humble storage unit, the Storage Array lacks any form of interface on itself directly. Instead, it has a mounting through which up to 10 Storage Cartridges of any type may be inserted into to be added as part of the Network’s resources.
    Requires a Network Controller to function.

    Network Assembler ●●●●●
    A fabrication device that when given an order and access to valid materials within the Network, will attempt to automatically produce an item using a form of patented quantum assembly. The Network’s owner simply tells it what to craft, using what materials. The device operator does not need to manually operate the Assembler and thus has free time, though for some crafting tasks may need to perform a Craft check.
    Requires a Network Controller to function.

    Network Spatial Deployer ●●●
    This Network device possess the unique ability of storing or deploying either an area or a vehicle of a predetermined space into or out of a Spatial Storage Cartridge that is located within the Network. The main uses of this device is to act as an expanded garage for storing extra vehicles or perform quick and easy room swapping. Please remember to define the deployment area.
    As a safety feature, this device will not activate if there are items or entities that would affect collision where it is set to activate.

    Fluid Interface ●
    A specialized type of interface by which fluids may be placed into or withdrawn from, provided a physical container is involved in the transfer.
    It possesses no storage capacity of its own and requires that a Fluid Storage Cartridge to be somewhere in the Network.
    Caution. Applied Storage LLC warns of the danger of handling caustic, flammable, or explosive chemicals.


    Portable storage is a new and exciting field of development. While, the tried and true Network system has proven to be Applied Storage LLC’s mainstay, it turns to the future of improving storage capacity using portable devices as interfaces. The main downside of using portable storage devices is that due to smaller interface screens, they often tend to not have the same ability to transfer larger objects as a proper Network without using special tools.

    Personal Access Terminal ●● to ●●●●
    Personal Storage Terminals (or PATs)may not have the same flexibility of a cellphone despite being at around the right size, possess the latest in Applied Storage LLC’s classified technologies.
    Each possesses an interface, able to allow transfer of objects of size 2 or lower and at least 1 docking station for cartridges.
    At ●●, the PAT has a single cartridge slot.
    At ●●●, the PAT has 2 cartridge slots.
    At ●●●●, the PAT has 3 cartridge slots.
    Fluid Storage Cartridges may be placed and used with a PAT, but this requires a connection to a Fluid Gun. Spatial Storage Cartridges can be placed into a PAT, but not used.

    Remote Access Terminal ●●●●●
    A prototype terminal category, the RAT does not possess any ability to hold Storage cartridges of its own and instead possesses the unique ability to connect to a Network within up to 5 miles (usually owned by the same person as the RAT). The RAT then allows for the storage and transfer of items up to size 2 to and from the Network.

    Fluid Gun ●●●
    This resembles a modified squirt pistol and for the most part, that is what its function is. Unlike supersoakers, it can work in reverse. The Fluid Gun can either drain a body of water to place it into any valid Fluid Storage Cartridge the shooter has access to or unload the contents from a Storage Cartridge.
    In either case, utilizing it is a firearms attack roll with a +3 bonus. It transfers a gallon each time it is used.
    The fluid gun requires 2 Strength to use properly, reduces initiative by -3 and has a size of 3.
    A Fluid Gun has 1 slot for Storage Cartridges, which always must be a Fluid Storage Cartridge. It may also connect to any Fluid Storage Cartridges on a PAT for more storage or Fluid Cartridges on a Network connected through a RAT.
    It is a reflexive action to switch between cartridges.

    Mobile Spatial Deployer ●●●●●
    This device is about the size of a potato and when triggered loads unloads the contents of its loaded Spatial Storage Cartridge into the surrounding area, either creating an environ, building, or a vehicle, depending on how the Cartridge was set up. Note that the Deployer will not trigger unless it is at rest at a reasonable speed.
    It otherwise functions as a Network Spatial Deployer.
    It only has room for a single cartridge and it must be Spatial Storage.


    Almost all Applied Storage devices need Cartridges in order to function, this simple, yet durable storage technology allows for easy transfer of goods in a variety of formats, depending on the needs of the consumer.

    Standard Storage Cartridge ● to ●●●●●
    Standard Cartridges are the most common type of cartridge. Each cartridge has a number of blocks which defines how many “items” are stored and blocks have a preset size determined by the cartridge. As a general rule, more expensive cartridges hold more items of either bigger numbers or just bigger in volume.

    The rules for using standard cartridges are simple.
    1. The object must be solid. Fluids may be stored in a standard storage cartridge, but only the fluid is in a container.
    2. Each item is stored in a block, effectively a digital cubby hole with a predefined space or volume. The item stored MUST fit in the space allotted for it by a single storage block space. If it cannot fit inside, it cannot be stored.
    3. Living things may be stored, but perish upon being stored and retrieved. Use Spatial Storage Cartridges to store living things safely.
    4. Containers and their contents count as a single item provided they all fit in the predefined volume. This means using backpacks to expand total storage space is useable and it is recommended to preload magazines or have bullet boxes as opposed to lone bullets in the system.
    5. Stored items are frozen in time, quantumly locked as it were.
    At ●, up to 10 blocks able to hold size 3 items.
    At ●●, up to 15 blocks able to hold size 3 items.
    At ●●●, up to 15 blocks able to hold size 4 items.
    At ●●●●, up to 20 blocks able to hold size 4 items.
    At ●●●●●, up to 20 blocks able to hold size 5 items.

    Fluid Storage Cartridge ●● to ●●●●●
    Fluid storage is rather finiky. While technically, standard storage cartridges may store liquids, the main problem with storing liquids is that without a container, the liquid proves to be very hard to withdraw. As a result, Fluid Storage Cartridges exist to denote their primary storage is a fluid.
    Unlike Standard Cartridges, Fluid Cartridges possess a large capacity which may be divided into any number of ways or mixed to create admixtures or solutions. The minumum division for a Fluid Storage Cartridge’s storage capacity is broken up by gallons.

    Fluid Storage Cartridges otherwise function as Standard Storage Cartridges in all other ways.

    At ●●, up to 1 gallon in storage.
    At ●●●, up to 4 gallons in storage.
    At ●●●●, up to 16 gallons in storage.
    At ●●●●●, up to 64 gallons in storage.

    Spatial Storage Cartridge ●●● to ●●●●●
    Spatial Cartridges are unique in that their purpose is to save a predefined area or very large object. As a result, they tend to be more… limited in their deployability because a normal interface cannot transfer their contents and require special tools to load or unload.
    Whatever is inside a Spatial Storage Cartridge is able to live inside it (albeit with limited air and lack of sunlight) and time passes while it is stored. Essentially, a Spatial Cartridge is like having a pocket dimension to dump things in and out of at a whim. There is no limitation on what can be stored other than the sheer volume of the area required. And it's all yours for a low low price!

    At ●●●, single object, vehicle, or area occupying up to size 10
    At ●●●●, single object, vehicle, or area occupying up to size 15
    At ●●●●●, single object, vehicle, or area occupying up to size 25

    I got tired of rehashing spaceships, robots, and cybernetics, for the fifth time so I figured I’d try something new. I have always been a fan of the Applied Energistics storage system (and its primary competitor Refined Storage) in modded Minecraft since it basically meant having an easy way to store and take out items; the name itself is a reference to the two storage mods. Essentially, they’re a digital bag of holding/storage chests for a computer game with already ridiculous storage without mods. I figure, a nerfed version would work as a good WoD/CoD item/merit list.

    Applied Storage as a system of merits would be overpowered if actually using the system didn’t require a serious investment of merit dots to employ. Even still, it provides so much value and loads of player agency, almost enough to rival what some splats can get. Seriously, look at all of the smuggling opportunities.

    I had to nerf the thing alot, because using the rules normal AE2 systems would have used, I could have had something like several hundred meters cubed per storage disk. That’s the kind of agency you normally reserve for the end game.

    I spent about 5 hours on this in a single afternoon, so bear with me when I say it’s rough, because it’s very new.

    Oh and amechra your Resurrection Services thing provided the inspiration for this, in the whole company service vein. Not in he digital storage system way.

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    Mechs: Because even the Chronicles of Darkness needs robot fights.
    DarkFrame: Crossover setting that puts Chronicles of Darkness in the far future that is Warframe.
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    So... Capsular Corp technology?


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      Originally posted by Khanwulf View Post
      So... Capsular Corp technology?

      Well, the Spatial deployer might be reminiscent of it, but not really. I was basing the rules off of Applied Energistics.

      Essentially, in Minecraft you had wooden chests to store your things. Chests can store quite alot because it's a video game and that's a genre convention, but there are limits so you always needed more chests. Applied Energistics is a popular mod for minecraft that once you built the setup, allowed you to store items in a digital format on CD drives. From there, the computer system automatically sorted everything so that if you wanted a specific item, all you had to do was navigate on the computer screen and well... pull it out of the monitor. The AE system had limited space, but you could keep expanding it, allbeit at the cost of increasing energy consumption and being quite expensive. The main advantage was that instead of needing to build a whole warehouse to store all of your belongings, the system was all a single self contained network that took up a single room of your house if you just wanted to store things.

      The other thing you could do was then connect the system up to other devices to essentially create a smart factory, that if you knew were what you were doing could say automanage greenhouses, route raw materials in specific ammounts to be turned into powered armor, and set it up to feed bullets to automated turret defenses when the system believes that they need a reload and then sends the raw materials to be processed, but that's the sort of thing that is beyond what people play CoD for.

      Later installments also added things like the Spatial Storage disks, which allowed loading, storage, and then reloading of what are essentially large objects or whole buildings and terrain features in real space to then place elsewhere. This is where the Spatial stuff comes from.

      I imagine that Applied Storage, if it were in the W/CoD setting would be particularly odd.
      Most splats don't have access to casual spatial distortion of the sheer casualty that Applied Storage uses it for, which makes it quite invaluable if you ask me. Even those that do all too often can't just call a friend to send a grenade to a cellphone via email.

      Granted most can make pocket dimensions of a sort.
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      Mechs: Because even the Chronicles of Darkness needs robot fights.
      DarkFrame: Crossover setting that puts Chronicles of Darkness in the far future that is Warframe.
      Monarch: The Endless You are an alien ruler, charged with maintaining a people who you shape to suit your needs.


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        Looks kind of like the Spatial Storage technology as seen in Ultraviolet. Interesting.

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          Originally posted by Tymeaus Jalynsfein View Post
          Looks kind of like the Spatial Storage technology as seen in Ultraviolet. Interesting.

          Never seen Ultraviolet. What's similar about it?

          I think the original idea was based off of Tron based on the art work.

          Mechs: Because even the Chronicles of Darkness needs robot fights.
          DarkFrame: Crossover setting that puts Chronicles of Darkness in the far future that is Warframe.
          Monarch: The Endless You are an alien ruler, charged with maintaining a people who you shape to suit your needs.