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Complete newbie to rpg, wrongly posted in classic world of darkness

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  • Complete newbie to rpg, wrongly posted in classic world of darkness

    or many many years, I’ve had the project of playing an RPG. Life being what it is, it never happened, for various reasons. However, recently I organised a murder party for my girlfriend and it was a huge success.

    And now she also want to try tabletop rpgs. So, it would, at first, be me as a GM, and her as a character.

    My idea is to do a mystery/horror campaign where she would be an investigator that would uncover supernatural and horrific things over multiple adventures. Eventually she could be attacked by a vampire or a werewolf and become one, or join a group of hunters or something like that. This campaign idea has interested me for a few years now (I have posted about it a while back on rpg net) and I think I found the system which would be best for me to run it.

    I had narrowed it down to three games: Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, and Chronicles of Darkness. I finally rejected Call of cthulhu and trail of cthulhu. I am not a big fan of the cthulhu mythos and I don’t care much for the sanity system in both games. I prefer some traditionnal horror. For ToC, I also thought the system would not work for me. It has good advice on mystery games, but I dislike the ressource management aspect, and the way the clues work.

    Also, CofD is almost exactly what I’m looking for as a setting. However, reading through the book, I found that the rules were a bit too complex for me. So I might ditch some of those rules for now. What rules can be safely ignored, without breaking the system?

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    What gave you the most trouble, specifically?


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      Mostly the combat rules. Not that I don’t understand them, but they do add a lot of rules. Like aiming, dodging, auto-fire and the like.

      I feel that the basic dice resolution mechanism should work just fine to resolve any action and that the rest just adds unnecessary complexity. However, I found out that ignoring the advanced combat rules in the 1st edition of the nwod didn’t work really well at all.

      To me, all those rules changes the focus of the game from narration to simulation.


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        Chronicles does have what it calls "down and dirty combat" which packs a whole fight into one dice roll. That may be truncating things a bit too much though.


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          Yes, that would be too much. I would like to keep details on the action, but not on the mechanism. Rolling for action and reactions...


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            Combat rules aren't as cumbersome as they seem at first, you'll get the gist of it as you play through.

            The basic of it is simple: roll for attack, deal damage. You'll attack with an Attribute + Skill + Equipment bonus roll, what is the same thing you already do for every other action in the game. You get the target's Defense as a penalty, you do damage equal to successes.

            Keep it as just this for a time. Remember that characters in CoD live in a world where violence, though common, is still mostly against the law, so most fights will be just brawl. This will help you to keep out of rules on Lethal and Aggravated damage, combat Conditions and Tilts, special actions like Aim, weapon damage bonus, and keep the first fights from being too lethal.

            You can then add elements as you seem confident on doing so. Your player will eventually try things like Willpower and Killing Blows to go for an advantage on the fight, and then you go for those rules. When you feel like it to go for Lethal Damage, you can let her get a weapon and see how weapon damage works. Do it all little by little, and you'll soon find out both how the rules work on the actual playing and what you want to get from your way.

            If you want, you can double the weapons' Damage Rating and apply it as Equipment Bonus to the attack instead. It is simpler, and should be generally ok for your game.

            Sorry if I seem too straightforward, or if I don't get you. Autism isn't a forgiving condition.