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    Originally posted by Ruger View Post

    There is always explosives that mortals have access to, which deal agg under Hurt Locker rules.
    Yes this is correct, but i stated about powers that allow you to do agg. And explosives are still hard to come by and use in most places outside of active combat zones.
    The consequences of using explosives in any populated area in most places of the world would bring a hail-storm of national police response and maybe even military ones. However, the real response is up to ST fiat, but SWAT teams, national bomb squads and federal investigation, counter terrorist units etc are far from unreasonable if you bomb something or someone. Like, even buying any real quantity of bomb making material may be enough to put you on a watch list. But yes explosives can do aggravated damage, and the consequences is ST fiat, let's not follow this topic farther OT into a discussion about ST fiat as these discussions usually go towards that place.

    Me myself should probably check out the Hunter playtest and open dev as well.


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      Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
      Another suggestion is to build up from the Killer Instinct Merit (was this the right name?) and its Advanced version from Beast 2E core. A Style Merit, or a full-blown Supernatural Merit Template built up from those sound reasonable.

      Or, since the Eyes are basically a Death Making spell effect, you could go with a very odd Proximus with one Blessing that does that (which still breaks standard rules for Proximi).

      (Short on time so couldn’t read all you wrote already, sorry)

      Killer Instinct (and it's adv. version) is right and is probably a really good and balanced way of doing a template about this. However I feel it's thematically and power-wise pretty far from what the OP wants.


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        Thank you all very much for your feedback.

        Killer Instinct is pretty far from the Mystic Eyes and I though about making it a style merit. However, I decided that the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception was a bit too powerful, even in its base form, for it to be anything other than a 5-dot merit. As for the instant kill with a save thing, I actually made it do aggravated damage to tone it down from that so it would even be remotely balanced. It still required a lot of tweaking after that, but it was at least possible to balance it for a mortal.

        I agree that it should be a scene and not a minute outside of combat. Considering the variations I made, it may be that I overpriced at least some of them. The first one I'm not certain about, but it could be either dropped in price or made so that all non-crushing melee weapons can be used with it. The other two have a very good argument for a lower price and the aggravated damage, at least in the second one, should carry over to mortals.

        It would also probably be a very good endowment for hunters, especially considering that the two main Mystic Eye users were from families of hunters. Though, whether or not that had to do with the Mystic Eyes itself isn't all that clear.

        The main advantage of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, which I think I've captured, is not so much that it kills things quickly, but that it can kill anything. It can kill things quickly, but when you're fighting vampires, reincarnating being, and ghost-like creatures the killing anything is the main advantage. But, whether or not its worth the price would vary based on the chronicle. In a chronicle where the main enemies are vampires, strix, and epiphemeral entities, it would be much more useful than in a chronicle against a standard serial killer.

        But please let me know if there are any other alterations you would make.


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          Yeah, the more I look at this, “My attacks count as a bane to everything” combined with counterspell/dispel options seem the best.

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