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  • I know, stupid idea

    But would it be possible to have a game based on being an alien for chronicles of darkness? Like picking be the classic grey alien and such?

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    We had a few homebrew gamelines that attempted to fill that niche. Dunno what state
    they’re in now.

    For extraterrestrials in official gamelines... Dark Eras Companion revised Visitors (a type of Immortals) as true alien symbiotes, not deluded spirit-Claimed. Werewolf has mentions of void spirits; spirits from outer space. Void spirit-Claimed, perhaps?

    EDIT: And there isn’t much practical difference between your typical Greys and the fae from Changeling. But in this case, changelings are more “abducted, experimented on, and now half-aliens themselves” rather than your typical aliens...
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      Did not know there were people here willing to look into this before.

      I guess what I'm looking for is something like destroy all humans view of aliens. Everyone is paranoid of the extra-terrestrial, and you are trying to fit in a society undercover while also trying to make resources out of them and further your own alien agenda. Obviously it would be a smaller scale, more dark take to fit in with chronicles of darkness though.

      Good point 21C Hermit on the greys and fae
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        Are you asking if such a thing could be made, or specifically what are the odds Onyx Path, as opposed to fan homebrew, will make it?

        Of course the answer to the former is yes; anything could be made if somebody steps up and puts in the work. The latter is not out of the realms of possibility, but the trend has tended to keep sci-fi-adjacent themes on the periphery (in toolkit modules like The Infinite Macabre or supplementary shards like the cyberpunk world in the Demon Storyteller's Guide) or to take care to blend them with supernatural, fantastic themes. So I wouldn't expect a marquee-titled Alien: The X-Files to be high odds compared to other possibilities for future gamelines.

        In terms of relevant stuff you could do with the published material already, Changeling: The Lost deliberately folds in elements of grey-style UFO abduction tales, presenting them as one modern faces added to the many forms Fae kidnappings take, and offering the chirurgeon kith as an example of a human "hybrid" changed by such a Durance. While Mirrors: The Infinite Macabre is a space opera setting rather than a secret invasion of visitors, it presents a system for creating templates for sentient alien species that can hypothetically be layered onto the various supernatural templates, or not, as needed. The Voice of the Angel mythos that originated the God-Machine concept, as well as the mysterious remnants of the Time Before in Mage: The Awakening, both take their share of inspiration from ancient alien theories and modern mythology, and it's not difficult to imagine how the First or Second Children or such peoples as the Dragons or Rmoahals might become relevant to UFO stories. The Astral Realms book presents some archetypal greys as mysterious residents of the inner realms with unexpectedly potent and resonant panoplies, including their flying saucers as an Artifact. I believe I recall one of the short stories in the Horror Recognition Guide for Hunter: The Vigil is a rather classic abduction tale.

        In terms of homebrew, I'm certain at least one person has attempted to start exactly such a project, but I don't recall how many, who, or how far they got. People underestimate how much work goes into a full fangame.


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          I guess I mean would it fit the universe of chronicles of darkness. Would it instead just seem like it came out of nowhere and is just a shoe-in to appease the sci fi crowd


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            Originally posted by Primordial newcomer View Post
            I guess I mean would it fit the universe of chronicles of darkness. Would it instead just seem like it came out of nowhere and is just a shoe-in to appease the sci fi crowd
            The broad theme of CofD is Mystery and Horror IMO, which is something Aliens and Extraterrestrials fit in.

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              I suppose you have a point there. What themes could be explored as an alien, would you be the one creature that relies more on tech and mind powers, while being least tough of all the other playable monsters


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                Alien: The Outsider.
                The theme would be isolation in a crowd. Unlike most of the other splats you wouldn't have a 'society' to fall back on, just what others of your kind are stuck here and the immediate resources at hand. You would have advanced knowledge, kind of like the whole Genius: The Mad idea, letting you accomplish great feats with the items found under the average kitchen sink. You work to find others of your kind in hiding while simultaneously building some means to return home, be it a space ship or just a device to signal home for help. In the meantime just about everybody will hunt you if they find out you exist, either out of fear or greed for your knowledge (and a little vivisection of course).
                If you require a more immediate conflict then an antagonistic alien group is also secretly on Earth, silently preparing the way for an invasion (or protecting the Earth from outside interference), they could be actively hunting you while keeping your mutual secret.
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                  I know of Alien: the Invasion, and Alien: the Harvest, at least. You can also reskin other gamelines' mechanics for Alien games. Beast, for example.

                  So, there is Alien: the Stranded, and Alien: the Conspiracy. Monarch: the Endless also deals with Aliens, of a sort.
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                    New added Inguma Family to Beast: The Primordial can make you literal Alien possessed people. Two of exemplar Horrors in the game are Bodysnatchers and Snake People. Just add your typical Greys, and you can more or less run aliens with Beast now.

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                      I like this alien the stranded game. I would totally make a an invader zim character/NPC lol


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                        In my opinion, one of the most central overarching themes of Chronicles is exploring the human condition through the perspectives of monsters. There’s no reason aliens couldn’t fit within that theme, though it may take some thought to make “feel” like a Chronicles game.

                        One thing we see in every gameline is that the monsters you play as almost all used to be human. Of the two that didn’t, one wants to become human, and the other needs to act human to survive. It’s also worth noting that in Descent there is still a transformation (from angel to demon), and the catalyst for this change is generally a quintessentially human trait, such as free thought, irrationality, failure, love, revenge, fear, etc. So instead of a human becoming a monster, it’s one kind of monster becoming another kind of monster because they were too human, and taking refuge within humanity from the kind of monster they used to be.

                        So, aliens could fit thematically with Chronicles, but some thought would need to be given to what these aliens’ relationship to humanity is. If these aliens are completely inhuman, merely isolated from their own kind within human society, or blending in with humanity in order to use them as a resource, they aren’t going to feel like a good fit within Chronicles, except as antagonists.
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                          Many professional folklorists over the years have posited that alien abduction stories are a retooling of the old taken by the faeries stories. As such, with a little reskinning, I can easily see Changeling being appropriate. What, essentially, is the difference between being taken away by an alien spacecraft as opposed to being stolen by the Queen of May?

                          OTOH, that only gives you abductees, not aliens qua aliens...


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                            You could always go the Superman route, the Aliens are on Earth because they have no home world to return to. This is it, make a life on Earth among humanity or die. This would place them somewhere between the Promethean drive to become human and the Demon need to blend in for survival. They would have the outsiders perspective of the human condition.
                            Their antagonists could be forerunners of the force that destroyed their home world, come to Earth to repeat the process.


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                              One of my head canons way back when was that Marco Singe's angels were actually transdimensional aliens the built the God-Machine as a "civilization builder" a technological singularity that could tap into occult physics our reality to elevate any species to their societal maximum. Of course, the angels used it on themselves and invaded our dimension to enslave humanity. That ended when the Atlantean Mages allied with Father Wolf to overthrow them. The Exarchs betrayed everyone and tried to use the God-Machine to become all-powerful and the Angels wounded Father Wolf so badly that he never properly recovered, but the Oracles were able to break the alien's control over the planet by giving the God-Machine two inputs: elevate humanity and elevate its own drones (also called angels). History was rewritten as the Supernal was ripped away from the Fallen World. The drone known as Morningstar fell in that moment, becoming the first Demon, and issuing one command to the God-Machine before its input circuitry was broken: create a civilization of Demons. Most of the First Angels are slaughtered as reality snaps back to what it would have been without their meddling, but one refugee ship survives bearing 42 aliens, barely children themselves, to the banks of the Nile river: the Shan'iatu.

                              It has been seriously blown to hell by various things published since then, but damn if it wasn't fun.

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