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    Vampirish question from a mostly mage-centric game. Obviously a Mental Shield mind spell will provoke a clash of wills if a vampire tires to use Auspex 4 against a protected mage, but would it protect at all against the first two levels of Auspex? What exactly is the mechanism for those abilities? How would one defend against them (assuming one is not a Vampire with Obfuscation)?

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    The first one is mostly based on the senses so anything that could mess with the senses could work. The second one has more of a mental component so Mental shield should work kinda



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      Beast’s Hackles and Uncanny Perception more or less represent a semi-prescient ability to pick up on tells and discern surface thoughts/emotions, so to block them you want either Alter Mental Pattern or something similar. And just in case you’re also wondering about Spirit’s Touch, that one’s pretty much a beefed up Correspondance so Veil Sympathy should probably do the trick if you ever need to ward something against it.


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        Mental Shield only protects against "mind-affecting abilities" so Auspex 1-3 wouldn't trigger because they're purely information gathering. But if you house rule it for more mental effects or use a Mind Veiling spell instead, here's my take on Auspex:
        1-2 picks much information from various tells, but can pick up information that has no visible clues, and Auspex 3 can definitely pick up information that isn't visible. You kinda have to go on a question by question basis. Questions about the subject's mental state (psychological weaknesses, current goals, Virtue/Vice/Mask/Dirge, current mood, what they think about other people) could probably be protected against with Mind (maybe with a Reach if it's possible to come to the same conclusion with a Wits+Empathy roll). Question's about the subject's past or nature (outside the psychological) could not.

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          Thanks to everyone - the responses are appreciated.


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            As a note, the suppress aura spell explocitly protects against "secret" discerning abilities, if i recall. Like it was written with auspex in mind.

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