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Earthdawn + New World of Darkness (Setting Ideas)

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  • Earthdawn + New World of Darkness (Setting Ideas)

    Well, recently I've been reading old Earthdawn stuff, fell in love with the setting.

    Being the kind of person for whom "Crossover" means "interesting challenge", I immediately set about to thinking about ways to raid the setting for a nWoD hybrid.

    I'm thinking that it's a post-apocalyptic universe...of the modern World of Darkness, I just love the thematic of decaying, wildlife-infested ruins with a combination of magical and technological adventurers patrolling them. I do like the idea of the default protagonists being between a rock and a hard place, politics-wise. On one hand, the invasion of eldritch monsters from beyond hasn't really stopped so much as slowed to something resembling manageable, and while humanity is quickly reforming into a powerful empire, they're not a part of it. In fact, the empire in question regards them as a stubbornly persistent rival they could crush if they put their mind to it, only sparing them for economic reasons.

    Also, blood magic cybernetics. Got to keep those, got to keep those even more prominent for both the cool factor and to underscore humans sacrificing their humanity on the altar of survival. To the point where "monsters" are tolerated, sometimes even embraced, because they can fight the otherworldly invaders better.

    Any other ideas?

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    Why Earthdawn and not Shadowrun? Both occupy the same universe.


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      Basically, "World of Darkness Destroyed" and "The World of Dark Fantasy" settings from Mirrors
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        I always liked Earthdawn. I think the World of Darkness system could work well for a conversion. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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          Originally posted by Shock View Post
          Why Earthdawn and not Shadowrun? Both occupy the same universe.
          I think Earthdawn is probably more along the lines of the "high pulp" feel of much of the nWoD. Things are stranger than simple good and evil, magic and technology, although there's certainly enough of evil.

          Also, the political view: Given how I'm sick of America Saving The Day, I like the idea of it being the seat of our Thera. I'm also sick of America being a two-dimensional cardboard cutout of everything the author politically disagrees with, so I'm going to say most of the culture survived, then later joined with the remains of Europe - a sort of Atlantean Federation, if you may (no relation to the Awakened. We think). The love of freedom and belief in individualism and the right to earn whatever you try for (and is honestly more feasible now, given how there's now a lot of frontier to claim) is still there...along with the sense of entitlement and aggressive interventionist policies, which have grown into full imperial aspirations.

          It's not that the reborn nation itself is actually only composed of the evil, but it is a growing, ambitious empire. And like most of those, it will happily break a few other peoples' eggs to make its own omelette. It's simply how politics works.
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            Also, I am crap with rules.

            Any ideas on what a Horror Mark (spell trace created by the main monsters of the setting that allow them to mess with a person's head and possibly corrupt them into minions) Condition would be like?


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              Ideas from posters on RPGnet: The setting is a future of the Woundgate setting, with closed Woundgates being the kaer-analogues to protect the populace from the invasion. The vast majority has gone through a less-bad Pairlaith situation, being commadeered by supernatural residents...but given how said monsters usually aren't interested in madness and corruption, the idea as intended actually worked pretty well.

              I'm also thinking about what our Horror-analogues actually are. The obvious idea would be Abyssal beings, but given how DaveB has already said they're their own class of spirit, I really, really don't want to wait until Fallen World Chronicles comes out to make them.

              Given how this is a future of the Worldwound setting, though...perhaps they're the form a particular "infection" in the Wound takes? Canon Horrors behave a lot like viruses anyway (especially how they "infect" people with a bit of themselves and eventually commandeer them - dopples more literally, given how they literally reproduce by parasitism and cloning their stingers), so it's not too much of a stretch. We also have Mortal Remains for Dread Powers...


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                Actually, you know what?

                We already have a race of mad scientist minion makers, they're called idigam.

                A mass invasion of them, perhaps due to their origin being repeated, caused what I'm calling the Revelation, both in terms of the Book and the fact that all Masquerades are largely null and void due to rampaging spirits of chaos.


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                  Maybe I should think about a title? World of Daybreak, perhaps?

                  Also, for time after apocalypse, I was thinking something in the vicinity of 50-60 years, enough so that infrastructure's broken down but not the ruins. More dungeon-crawling goodness (and really, Artificer is almost an idigam given his obsession with dungeons as is, I can imagine one building stuff just to see what they can come up with).


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                    So I've been reading up on earthdawn since my memory is foggy.

                    One of the things that caught my attention is how earthdawn magic items work, about how they have histories, stories, names. Well that can be done easily enough with the storied weapon from armory reloaded.

                    So what do you imagine is the norm for adventurers in this setting? Adepts (dark heroes I presume)? Hunters? Or member of the various splats?


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                      Hunters, a lot of them. Dark heroes never really clicked with me, and Risking Willpower is a potent thing.

                      Which isn't to say other splats don't join in.


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                        All right, so did you decide how you want to handle sorcery in this setting? I figure some setting stuff will be indeterminate until a decision on that is made.


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                          Oh something occurred to me, do you want there to be a reason why this happened?

                          Did the acolytes summon the Crone? Did the godtalkers rescue the angel of death from the american government? Did a faction of sumerian style god-kings arise among the werewolves? Did the Tremere find the watchtower of the soul? Did the Faceless Angels come to earth? Did the Keepers of the Source try to damn up the leylines? Did the utopians actually build their utopia? Did the mummies turn DC into Irem? Did someone merge the shards of Seattle? Did the black tide succeed in bringing back the First City? Was there a temporal crash thanks to time travel paradox? Did the person given the key to determine whether the godmachine or its opposite number would inherit the earth did the person open up both doors?


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                            Given how I've decided the primary monsters are idigam, probably something that allowed them to reproduce. Maybe Udu Luhal figured out the idigam's origins and then somehow figured out how to reproduce them. I like leaving how he did that a mystery, with recommendations, though.


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                              Hmm, what could allow the idigam to reproduce? Bringing down the gauntlet? Perhaps an idigam defeated the guardians of the worldblood and used the power of the blood of creation, reproducing like a virus?