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Resolve + composure, which should I prioritize?

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  • Resolve + composure, which should I prioritize?

    Humans use the pool to avoid integrity Degeneration.

    Vampires use it to resist frenzy or to ride the wave.

    Princesses (Only fan splat I follow at all) Use Resolve+Composure to avoid degeneration like mortals.

    Sure other supernaturals may use the pool for things

    Thing is which attribute do you think should be prioritized if Im wanting to up my pool?

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    In terms of general utility Composure has more default uses separate from Resolve, so you probably get more bang for your buck out of it without any other context. Alternately buy whichever one feels more appropriate for your character because they're both useful anyway.

    Outside of that? Check things like Merits and powers you're interested in, or interested in defending against, that might be in use in your game. See which comes up more and buy up that one first.


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      Composure. It increases Initiative in addition to Willpower, and is used in Perception rolls. However, certain character types may get more mileage from Resolve. For example, diablerists roll Strength+Resolve, and Resolve is immensely important for the Advanced/Epic Psychometry Merits.

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        Both have lots of important uses depending on a lot of factors, particularly if your a normal mortal, it all depends on what you 'may' expect. If your Storyteller has no issues with underhanded methods in the hands of NPC's then things like poison and diseases can be ruthless tools to use, and both use Stamina + Resolve. Likewise the use of torture or 'persuasion' require Resolve as the primary stat.

        Honestly having a both with good score (at 3 dots each) would be the most optimal path.


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          Depends, really. Composure is involved in more (perception rolls, initiative, etc.), so generally, as Heavy Arms pointed out, you get more mileage out of that.
          However, if you expect e.g. to have to resist mental abilities like Dominate, or have to deal with Magus Black aforementioned poison and diseases, a focus on Composure would leave you wide open.


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            A similar question? A vampire who frequently depends on 'Riding the Wave' How much should Resolve+ Composure be prioritized Vs Combat Attributes.


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              Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
              A similar question? A vampire who frequently depends on 'Riding the Wave' How much should Resolve+ Composure be prioritized Vs Combat Attributes.
              A lot, considering that a failure on riding the wave counts as a dramatic failure that makes your frenzy last until you roll for detachment. Frenzy can compensate for low Strength, but unless you'd like to play a constant game of keep-up recovering your Humanity from berserker states gone awry you don't want to have higher odds of failure on a multi-roll process.

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                good point.

                meditation Can help I think with frenzy or riding the wave as that is reflected in both the letter of the rules and spirit of things 'It calms you'


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                  In terms of derived traits (like initiative, speed, defense) and merits requiring 3+ as a prerequisite Composure is the most used among attributes, followed by Dex and Wits, then Resolve. As a vampire it's not hard to have all four of those at 3 even at character creation. If you're worried about optimizing a combat character two cheap merits (Defensive combat and Fighting Finesse) allow you to use the same pool of Dex+Brawl/Weaponry for defense and offense