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    I was trying to find a more specific information about Perception Roll in the books, but I didn't find this. All books talks about perception rolls (Wits + Composure), usually against a dissimulation or anything like that. But how is the distance of the perception, human and supernatural? I know that some supernatural powers (like Keen Senses from Breeds or Enhanced Senses of the Vampires) increase that distance, reducing the penalities about distance, but....which distance? The powers says about reducing penalities but i couldn't find anywhere in the boks anything about how to deal with these perception rolls.

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    Generally speaking, the books leave it up to ST discretion. Sensory "ranges" don't really make a lot of sense in some abstract concept. There's no limit to how far away something can be and remain visible (consider star watching). What limits senses is generally interference from other sources, or things simply not being within our normal spectrum (but you can't see radio waves with your eyes regardless of distances). Human practical visual distances on Earth are limited by the scattering effect of the atmosphere. Smells are based on actual particle detection, so the fluid dynamics of gas flows impact how far away you'll be able to notice a smell. Etc.


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      In Hurt Locker book there are good rules for abstract distance measures - and how they reflect dice pools. To just give how this should work...

      Originally posted by Hurt Locker, p. 130
      Close Range
      This is the realm of fisticuffs, knife-fights, and savage animal attacks. It’s no more than a few meters (or yards) between objects, within the distance of a bounding leap or a surprise charge. (...)

      Short Range
      Short range is more than a few meters between objects, but no more than 30 meters (roughly 33 yards) — about the distance between bases on a baseball field, or from one end of a suburban backyard to the other. (...)

      Medium Range
      The distance covered by medium range equals about the length of a high school football field. This is shouting distance. Only thrown attacks made by athletic people (or those boosted by occult power) occur at this level, unless an object is specifi-cally designed to be aerodynamic. Most ranged weapons easily cover this distance, although the shooter’s accuracy begins to suffer. Attacks and abilities used at medium range usually function at a distance of between 30 and 100 meters (33–109 yards). (...)

      Ranged attacks made at medium range targets suffer a –1 penalty. (...)

      Long Range
      Long range is the purview of rifles, highly trained archers, and powers based on perception of a target. This is generally between 100 and 300 meters (109–328 yards), but can vary based on the scene’s setting. (...)

      Ranged attack rolls and Perception rolls made at long range suffer a –2 penalty. (...)

      Extreme Range
      The longest distances (300+ meters, 328+ yards) generally exceed the range of most attacks. Without the use of high-powered equipment or supernatural abilities, if a weapon can reach this distance at all the attack roll is reduced to a chance die. (...)

      Ranged attack rolls made at extreme range (if the attack in question can even reach it) suffer a –4 penalty. Perception rolls suffer a similar penalty. (...)

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        Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
        In Hurt Locker book there are good rules for abstract distance measures - and how they reflect dice pools. To just give how this should work...

        I'm applying this rules in Hurt Locker too. Maybe should work. But some human senses i guess must be impossible depending the distance.