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    With Night Horrors coming to an end and Mirror's having some of its embedded systems. Would not it be interesting to launch a Mirrors line for creatures?

    So we could treat dearly loved subjects like Andean and Chinese Mummies without compromising the Curse setting or presenting other things for God Machine instead. (The Christian Demiurge was already presented in the Translate Guide, but we could have the Arimah and Mazda Dictomy, Illusion of Mara or something greater of Buddhism and even Destiny in an adaptation of Scion).

    We could have Prometheans forged by supernatural beings and rules of constructs and clones that are gradually gaining consciousness as Westworld.

    Or vampires that arise and feed differently, plus a well-adjusted adaptation of the paths and capadocius of Dark Ages.

    We could have Werewolves within a system of covenants and tribes, in addition to the adaptation of the old lycanthropy and curse by sign (as in the film with Jack Nicholson) and even suicidal visions as in An American Werewolf in London and even a poly- metamorphosis as some legends suggest, of them may take the form of multiple animals besides the wolf.

    Mages could win rules closer to the movie wizards of the 1930s and 1950s in the cinema and even an adaptation to Magika's Dark Ages Mage system.

    Changeling needs an Translate Guide, but even with something to play with the Faes it would be interesting, even limited, or a game with children to escape the Faes.

    Geist we might have pushing to creature that tries to mimic, like Zombies, Reborn, Ghosts, Returners like from the series Le Revenants, Liches, something like Raven, Reapers or to mimic each creature other than a Pirates of the Caribbean (it's a Mirrors same). Even something to mimic the ned curse in Pushing Daises could be fun.

    What do you think?

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    Who says Night Horrors is coming to an end?

    Mirrors could be interesting, but I have a sneaking suspicion that some of it may be covered by the upcoming Dark Shards book. Hopefully we'll find out more at GenCon.

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