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    We are playing COTD a little bit different, using the some ideas from Mirrors Sourcebook, about creating a Dark Fantasy Campaign.
    So, we choose the Tamriel Scenario (From Elder Scrolls games) and we are adpting with COTD mechanics.

    One of the players emerges with the idea of creating the Training System mechanics, that is, basically, trading Resources to Experience Points, to spend in Merits Styles or Specialization.

    The amount of gold (coins) based on dots of Resources is as following, per chapter:

    1 - 100gold
    2 - 200 gold
    3 - 600 gold
    4 - 2400 gold
    5 - 12500 gold

    Based on this, how do you suggest to balance the Resources for training? How much is the cost (in gold) of each Merit dot or specialization?

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    I don't think a straight Cash-For-XP system is going to work in the CofD framework. Spending Resources (or using Status, or the Leveraged Condition, etc.) as a justification for training up a Skill or ability, sure. But Resources represents spare money per month/Chapter. Making that "Free XP" makes it foolish not to max out XP font.

    Sorry to be a downer on the idea, but I think it will lead to more problems than it is worth in the long run. Even engaging with it, the gold needed would vary, I'd think. between relative Skill levels, demand, and relationship factors.

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      But, to add something - here is an idea I had for a more Dragon Age like take on the system. This is intended to extend survive-ability without necessarily lengthening combat.

      Armor is tracked as [General Armor]/[Toughness] instead of [General Armor]/[Ballistic Armor]. Mechanically it is similar in that GA still reduces Damage, and Toughness downgrades damage from Lethal to Bashing (instead of just firearm damage). Toughness is available through a range of sources (some of which might even be restricted to damage types, like fire or poison) instead of just armor. This means that most of the incoming damage will be Bashing, which will still knock a character out, but is faster to recover from than Lethal.

      And here is one that would definitely extend combat, and hasn't been as thought out, but here it is:

      Flat Damage
      Attacks deal only their Damage rating (minimum 1) upon Success. Exceptional Success deals either a Tilt, Condition, or [double or +2?] damage. Certain called shots can increase the damage (basically risking accuracy for increase lethality). This slows down damage so that healing and such has a chance to be applied, and reduces the chance that a lucky strike knocks the character out in one hit.

      And... one I just thought up that barely classifies as an idea:

      Races as Micro-Templates
      Using the Hurt Lock Micro-Template (basically a Merit-tree based on a keystone merit) to mimic the advantages that some fantasy races possess. A Template is fairly static, while the Micro-Template model allows for additional expansion and elaboration upon the "base features". Since everything is priced as Merits, XP balance is easier to determine then ad-hoc advantages.
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        Like Vent0 said, with Resources being spare money, perhaps there could be a separate Asset or Finance rating of some sort that helps characters “purchase” Skills/Specialtis/Merits.

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          Or just drop Resources as a Merit, as it is. Replicate the Feast-or-Famine, maybe Hand-to-Mouth theme of Adventurers (AKA Murder-Hobos) and make them deal in solely Cash/Gold. In that way it becomes more like Vitae - needed for maintenance, drives character decisions, and may even have Scenes devoted toward acquiring it. No endless font, less of a problem (because if they blow their Gold on Training, they don't have it for equipment or food).

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