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[Shards] A and B fight against X and Y - Crossover Conflict

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  • [Shards] A and B fight against X and Y - Crossover Conflict

    So, as a just for fun, setting creation - Come up with a setting where 2 gamelines/splats (Vampire and Geist, Hunter and Mummy, whatever) are allied and in control of the world and fight against the ruinous alliance of two different gamelines/splats. Embellish how their control would look, how their alliance functions, the nature of their enmity toward their opponents, and what direct or existential threat their opponents possess. Feel free to pick what makes sense, or just choose at random and roll with it.

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    Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."

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    The werewolf pack Broken Willows have been allies to the Mage Thessalonian for many years as part of a plan to keep the Ancient Kindred Arugal down in chains at the bottom of a frozen lake. What complicates matters is Arugal's connections to the Mummy known as Warden of South-Quagmire.

    The Warden's Cult have been instructed ages ago to aid Arugal as payment for an unspecified favor, lost to memory. The cult is armed primarily with silver tipped spears. Thessalonian was once a member of the cult, but that is a long time ago now.

    Mechs: Because even the Chronicles of Darkness needs robot fights.
    DarkFrame: Crossover setting that puts Chronicles of Darkness in the far future that is Warframe.
    Monarch: The Endless You are an alien ruler, charged with maintaining a people who you shape to suit your needs.


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      A cabal of mages and an Unchained Agency have a bold plan for undoing the God-Machine, which the mages regard as a wicked demiurge potentially in service to the Exarchs. They're directly attacking the occult physics the GM runs on, using Prime and Mind to rewrite the nature of symbolism itself; the Agency, of course, know what's being changed and have work-arounds in place, but angels (and rival rings) do not. If they can strip away the illusions, Sleepers will be increasingly exposed to pure Supernal Truth, and may be able to throw off the Lie once and for all. Meanwhile, the Demons will get their Hell on Earth, untouchable by the Machine or Its minions.

      Unfortunately for them, their tinkering is doing a number on both the Lost and the Primordial Dream. Begotten find their Lairs collapsing, their legends destablized and even their Horrors mutating as the narratives that give shape to fear are rewritten. Changelings, meanwhile, find the Hedge an even more alien place, and the Dreaming Roads weirder still. Hedge gates are opening up in unexpected places, Contracts are failing, and glamour isn't flowing as it should. Bridge-burners think it's a good thing -- if everyone's consumed with Truth, there's no space for dreaming up What Might Be -- but everyone else is terrified that the Gentry will simply adopt more horrible, incomprehensible titles. Or worse, appear Ironside exactly as they truly are....

      The Dark Mother wants the saboteurs punished for their hubris, and the courts are more than happy to provide the necessary faepower to make it happen. The mages have their eyes on the sky, and the Agency is on the lookout for Abyssals and angels, not fairies and nightmares. But they've got the source code of reality on their side, while their enemies have only the power of stories. Will that be enough?


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        I hope this is fine, but I can imagine one scenario that involves three fansplats. Leviathans and Beasts VS Sirens and Princesses.

        The Cohort of the Darkest Depths have long since divided Detroit between themselves, a group of the Leviathans who've survived at the upper crust. Their societies are so ingrained within the system that it is tough to break through, and have made use of Detroit's violent history to hide the truth of their interpolitical squabbles and matters. There's many fearful and distrustful people that can be made into cultists, much so that their influence runs rampant and practically governs the city itself. Beneath them all lie living nightmares, the Beasts who keep the family together and that serve as the captains of their cults, reminding everyone what the law of the Gods is with a greater impact than given by the respective Leviathans.

        Yet beyond the waters the Leviathans have claimed, a coalition has formed to try and free the city from their clutches. For many ages have the Sirens seen the future the Leviathans spread, and for much more have they feared them. Their very presence taints the Celestial Ocean, twisting Sirens into slaves who would return to the present world and make the future shown within the Celestial Ocean become reality. Without the safety of the Celestial Ocean, a Siren is almost doomed to be discovered and made into sushi. Worse still are the Beasts who seem to be able to make problems even worse. No matter the case, the Sirens forsee them wanting to claim more land, and such a thing if allowed to happen can potentially lead to the Deluge itself.

        They're not the only ones who see Detroits problems and want to fix it. It's summer break, schools out and with that the Princesses who've eyed Detroit are now flocking in. With a desire to help people and the ability to fight fear in all forms, the Sirens see them as having the greatest potential to overturn them both. Afterall, for Sirens and Princesses, the power of love and hope may make way for a brighter future. They start with Detroit.

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          A Warden (in the Immortals sense) as a good relationship with the werewolf packs whose territories intersect with her protectorate, and has become a peacemaker of sorts among them, to the point where the packs are beginning to merge into a larger body. All parties have reaped the benefits with calm and well maintained territories.

          It's also resulted in one of the pack leaders becoming the Apex of the local Hive. The former Apex, an Eshmaki Predator isn't happy about the implication of being eclipsed as the Dream's image of a powerful hunter, and wants to kill the "usurper." The other Beasts don't really care, and think he's a petty jerkass anyway, but he's found some allies in a small krewe of Sineaters who find the new werewolf regime a little too efficient in killing ghosts along with spirits.


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            The Church of Anubis's Reprieve was founded around the belief that when the God Anubis was satisfied through the sacrifice of Mementos, he would aid them in destroying the Devourer Beneath, but when they raised the ancient founder of their faith through reproduction of an ancient rite once thought lost, they didn't meet with the merciful Anubis. Instead, they were greeted only wit a jackal-headed fury of ancient laws, like a Kerboros made flesh. The Krewe barely escaped with their lives, but those that remained decided that none of the Old Gods could be trusted. Renaming themselves the Bronze Knives, they now seek to destroy their tyrannical false master and end the tyranny of death by turning its power on the Kerberoi Below.

            When Jasper found her Fetch, she intended to destroy it, and take back her old life. Instead, she found that the sack-cloth and buttons her fetch was made of were concealing a heart of brass and bones of carbon fiber, with her own powers to more than match her own. Worse yet, this Fetch of a Fetch carries the skins of yet more people. The Freehold agrees, whatever this abomination is, it cannot be allowed to exist. More curiously, an anonymous benefactor claims to have insight on the creature.

            A new arrival to the Consilium has been causing a ruckus. He seems to completely reject the very underpinnings of Awakened magic, instead relying on absurd pseudo-scientific Yantras. Worse yet, his bizarre sorcery works, but can behave dangerously and unpredictably when Paradox is triggered. Clearly, this self-professed "Genius" is the work of some twisted, Abyssal force creating its absurd perversion of the Awakening, right?

            Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.