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  • Qanon in the CofD

    Since y’all know that I am fascinated with the satanic panic of the 80s I figured we would take a look at its internet age grandson, the Qanon cult/hoax in the CofD and try to figure out which supernatural group is taking all these baby boomers for a ride. If you don’t know what it is here is a video From a leftist YouTube or who is absolutely exacerbatio from a leftist YouTuber who is absolutely fed up with it

    Despite the user name I am actually bigender.

    My Savannah Setting for CofD can be found here

    My heroes as monster tamers rules for BtP can be found here

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    Sounds like a Labyrinth; it leads all the people who claim to want truth but really want easy answers that agree with their political positions into a self-made loop of confirmation bias, while the people who realize just how vague Q really is are lead to wondering who is behind the screenname, and following the hints to discover something both more realistic and far stranger than any conspiracy-and from there, Awakening.

    That, or it's more noise thrown out by the Invictus or their contemporaries, drawing mortal saps into said self-made loop to use as an online goon squad. It happens often enough in the mundane world.