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Space Opera: Occult Methods of Faster-Than-Light Travel

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    What about looking at the God machine itself? It has the ability to contort space in its infrastructure already described. In other words, God Machine designed (and maintained) warp drives.


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      Stygian Gates?


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        Originally posted by lnodiv View Post
        Stygian Gates?
        On the off chance this is a question and not a suggestion, Infinite Macabre's answer to the Sheer Size of Space question and (near-)FTL travel is a series of strange rock gates that float in space and connect to each other through what is probably the skies of the Underworld(but, you know, who knows) and are activated by payments of willpower and light damage.

        More details are not available to me currently.

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          Originally posted by Vent0 View Post

          Yeah. But they'ed have to get the Sympathetic Connections to those places first. So someone/something is going to have to make the first slow/conventional trip.
          Get someone who's been there before to take you. If you're their apprentice, they'll teach you the secret ways and bind your connections.

          Nobody seems to remember who or how the first trip was made, but first-trips have been passed from mentor to student for untold ages. That's all bound up now, in a guild of Star Guides. The Star Guides protect their knowledge - both from theft and from being lost. That they're well paid is surely a nice benefit.

          Recently, something has been hunting the Star Guides. It happens sometimes, it's a dangerous universe after all. But the troubling thing is that the attacks have been targeting Guides who can teach the ways to certain worlds.

          Check out Momentum Exalted!


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            Originally posted by Leliel View Post

            Well, a better term would be "simpler", but it leads to a similar problem of scope and scale.

            One of the conceits of Stygian Gates, by RAW, is that it's impossible to enter or exit FTL without one. While most systems have one, if it doesn't, that system is off limits. There is no way to get to that system that does not involve generation ships, or mages. Besides that there is no guarantee Alpha Centauri has one, the travel times are literally "your ship moves at lowest speed, you go 100,000 parsecs in about five hours" That makes it borderline impossible to not overshoot your way towards a nearby system, leading to the rather ridiculous situation where you have to travel to another stop if you want to hop over a system unless you're on a cosmic tugboat and your pilot has pitch-perfect timing. By contrast, Andromeda is about 780,000 parsecs away from Earth-at max speed, that's not even enough time for the Void to start becoming hazardous (it starts draining Willpower at 9 hours, it takes 7.8 hours at Speed 5 to get to Andromeda from Earth). Assuming autopilot that can exit the Void with drained crew is a thing, it becomes even worse, since the time limit is not critical and the Gates are cool with blood payments if everyone is pooped. So yeah, kind of awkward timescales there, especially if you want to stay in one galaxy.

            EDIT: Remembered my metric. Kilo is 1000, not 1000000.
            Given that Infinite Macabre keeps using "galaxy" like it's a synonym for "solar system," I am not sure the writers on that book realized that this would be a problem.


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              I'm currently typing up a Darkness of Space/Chronicles/Mirrors/whatevertocallit document for my potential players. It's going to be more Space Opera than Hard Sci-Fi, so here's what I'm working with for FTL travel.

              Everyone: "The Gates, they beckon us to traverse their unnerving paths to distant stars. From what we have experienced we understand that while each pair of gates are of the same make and nature, there are curiously a number of Gates that can be broken down into a 'flavor' of disturbing. Why they take us through different dimensions of utter horror, we know not! Praise the Gates! PRAISE THE GATEKEEPER! IA IA! PRAI-" Final transmission of Dr. Ludlow, before the tragic incident where a starliner deviated from the Gate Tunnel to the loss of 3,000 lives.

              Humanity: "The shock-point drive is the most stable and safe method for FTL travel to date. While the Gates may be cheaper, there is no psychological side-effect to traversing Shockspace. The right tech, some proper coordinates, and you arrive in good time. Just don't screw up the input coordinates." Eustace Scholosz, shock-point drive enthusiast.

              Vampire: "Welcome to the Prince's Palanquin. We know you are excited to learn the secret of our FTL, but understand that this tour serves as a warning. See, ever since that initial invasion of Terra, we had a slight pro/con thing going on with those so easily cloned aliens. The pro is they are cheap to clone, and their blood is so potent, it allows us to send a whole starliner through the 'slip' that the aliens used to travel. The con, you drink that blood, you are chained in that room over there. Where your mind dissolves as your body eventually becomes an astrogation calculator and FTL engine in one. They burn out about once a month though, so we cull criminal Kindred for the task." The normal Invictus method of gentle reminders.

              Werewolf: "There are, strange spirits between the stars. Hunt them. Stalk them. Speak to them. If fortunate, we can get one to bind to a ship for our tasks. If unfortunate, we fight colors from outer space." A casual reminder that space can get weird in the Shadow.

              Mage: "We have, options. Shock-point drive, Astral drive, Teleport beacons, Shadowspace, and whatever-else can be tossed at the wall and found sticking. But the real treasure are the Stellar Ley-lines! Unfortunately, we keep having 'competition' for them." Michael Moorison, Free Council Engineer, Survey Corps.

              Promethean: "Can I get a ride?" Every Created ever at least once.

              Changeling: "Through Hedgespace we can meet up with the rest in a week what would take that SPD a month to go. Just keep an eye out for the thorns. I had this tub waxed last week!" June Bug, Summer Captain.

              Hunter: "RAMMING SPEED!!" As per Humanity, but occasionally with a twist!

              Sin-Eaters: "You go through Deadspace long enough, you get real tired of the ghosts of ancient alien civilizations. Soon as I find one of those over-sized metal cuttlefish there will be words." Gregor Moorlock, an exasperated pilot necromancer.

              Mummy: "You cannot escape." The prologue transmission to most thieves suddenly very bad weeks.

              Demon: "Initiate Gate Protocol, Force Alternative Terminal Point Subroutine Activation... There, let's go." At least 10% of all attempts to escape the God Machine's influence over the Solar System.

              Beast: "Thought to escape your guilt with a little vacation? You forgot one little fact, you take your nightmares with you." Alice Razor's delighted use of Dreamspace.

              Deviant: "AND I AM TAKING THIS WITH ME!!!" Almost every Renegade's escape from station laboratories involve a pilfered shuttle.


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                Originally posted by Raz Delacroix View Post

                Deviant: "AND I AM TAKING THIS WITH ME!!!" Almost every Renegade's escape from station laboratories involve a pilfered shuttle.
                One wonders if some of them are the hyperdrive, to be honest.


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                  The more I think about it, the more I think that Hedgespace would look like Dr. Seuss and M.C. Escher had taken the place of Einstein and Newton. No planets as anyone else would understand planets -- just blobs and whorls of rock, steel and thorns, where the direction of gravity is subjective and physical laws are more like guidelines. Hobgoblins might chase your spaceship in a three-masted schooner or a dragon-drawn chariot...and come to a sticky end if they tried to follow you out of Hedgespace without enough Glamour to sustain them.


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                    Originally posted by Mad_Maudlin View Post
                    The more I think about it, the more I think that Hedgespace would look like Dr. Seuss and M.C. Escher had taken the place of Einstein and Newton..
                    That sounds remarkably like gummi space in the Kingdom Hearts video games.


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                      I know that these are kinda obvious, and also fansplats but:

                      Genius: "Well, you see, Einstein was a passable mathematician, but he failed to understand that his (unjustly) famous equation which 'proved' that light is the 'universal speed limit' presumes that space and time are one and the same - this is patently ridiculous (You don't timetravel when you walk back to your house, do you? Pah!) and so the speed of light is, in fact, entirely surpassable without an infinite amount of acceleration."

                      - Dr. Prof. Maximus von Unmoglich III, member in good standing of the Center for Panuniversal Navigation.

                      Leviathan: "The Egyptians believed that space was an ocean, you know. 'Nun', they called it. I've read the heiroglyphs. They were right. Sea, vacuum, it's all dark and cold, and it all belongs to us. Others have already gone. I'll be leaving soon. I can swim that sea of stars, and carry you with me. "

                      - Recording discovered after the destruction of a half-submerged pyramid on Anhur, site of a cult of wage-slaves destroyed by the reigning elite.

                      (Seriously, though, look up Anhur. It's precisely the kind of place Leviathans would raise a cult, and it was totally under the sway of the Chancellor.)


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                        In one of the Seth books by Jane Roberts; sorry I forget which one, Seth says that magic is too the arts and humanities what technology is to the sciences. He also says that magic oriented civilizations build interdimensional gateways instead of starships.

                        In chapter 11 of Crystal Power by Michael G. Smith it tells how to build and set up an interdimensional door. On page 117 it says: "What should you watch for after the door is set up? Shimmering waves of energy; visible lights sometimes appear in the air in and around the portal. At times, scenes of another part of the world appear when your looking through the door. They may be of this world, or of another, more alien world. On other occasions, the scene may be of this world, but in a different period of time, past or future. " Farther down the page he writes: " We don't knw what can come through it from the other side or another dimension."

                        From "The Ascension Mysteries" by David Wilcock pg. 308-309 " There is indeed an ancient stargate network that allows travel from place to place through the 'cosmic web,' as it has been called. A series of plasma filaments connects each star to its neighbors, and these filaments also serve as traversable wormholes. --- You cannot bring inorganic materials through, such as weapons. --- In the case of Earth, our main gate was apparently dug out of the desert in Egypt in 1927, exactly as documented in the Stargate sg-1 television show. The government people who found it were so concerned about invaders coming through the gate that they buried it in the ice in Antarctica, where it apparently still resides to this day."

                        ‚ÄčThat's all I have on the alleged reality of faster than light travel. I hope it helps.