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[2E] Debates - Social Combat vs. Social Chase

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  • [2E] Debates - Social Combat vs. Social Chase

    We now have two possible mechanics for debates scene, where PCs need to convince audience to their reasons. We got shown preview version of Social Combat rules - Lingua Bellum - from the Vampire's Guide to Night. From CoD Rulebook we have on Chase Rules implication it can be used for Social scenes, where 'chase' is to convince audience.

    Topic is to gauge what is better mechanics for which scenes. In my point of view, Social Combat looks as a bit too complex to running it on high emotional scenes, but it's probably my own test. On the other hand, Social Chase has no prepared stakes, traits limits, etc.

    I may steal some complications from Social Combat to gauge Social Chase thresholds.
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    In my opinion it depends on the situation. If it's a clandestine meeting between 2 vampires having a conversation on taking territory and how to share it, or how to approach combat, take the chase option

    If it's something like going against a carthian rebellion orator as an agent of the invictus in Elysium, take the lingua bellium option


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      I'd do chase if it is to convince a group of people of something they were uninterested in or kinda meh about, combat when two different points of view clash.
      Talking about evolution on a school event is very different from talking about evolution on live-tv in a debate with creationists as Bill Nye did, for example.