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[Conversion] Storypath elements in 2E Storytelling System games

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  • [Conversion] Storypath elements in 2E Storytelling System games

    So I'm more and more interested in porting or using some things and game elements from Storypath games - like 2E Scion or Dystopia Rising: Evolution - to my normal and main Chronicles of Darkness games, that use 2E Storytelling System. We know that Storypath is in-house mechanical engine for Onyx Path so they can have licensing their own games - in contrast to using White Wolf owned Storytelling System the OP only 'borrows' to write games for WW. However, I like the second more and as a fan, not official developer, I think I can freely use other game engine stuff.

    So from my quick look on Storypath, it seems to work mostly like Storytelling System with using pools of d10 for rolls, but having basic success on 8+ ( like Storytelling engine ) with Difficulty being number of success needed ( sorta like Storytelling, with it's Exceptional Success on 5 Success ). Still we have combining of two Traits in dicepools to rolls. My assessment is good here?

    Because if it is, conversion is simply 'take dicepool or Traits numbers from Storypath and use them in Storytelling game, as they are' - as numbers are really the same 'on dices'.

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    Like I was inspired by Goliath Zombie from Dystopia Rising: Evolution blog post - and from the shown stats of it, you could simply use it as it is in CoD games.

    Goliath Massive and intimidating, the Goliath roams the wastes in search of food. Traveling survivors know from a very young age the trail of this zed and take care to avoid areas under threat.
    Initiative: 2
    Melee Attack: 8
    Ranged Attack: 0
    Defense: 3
    Health: 6
    Vulnerable Gullet: Once a target is Taken Out, the Goliath takes two turns for it to crush them, invert their stomach, and begin breaking down the victim, sending it into Bleeding Out. Every round during this process, it gains 1 Health, but any attacks against the exposed esophagus cord do double damage to its Health. In the meantime, rescuers may roll Athletics + Stamina against difficulty 5 to free the victim, whether or not the Goliath is neutralized.
    Stats of it looks like Brief Nightmares in CoD Rulebook, showing that in normal attacks you just use Melee Attack dicepool. Initiative, Defense and Health levels seems as easily 1:1 conversion ( i.e. use them as it is in CoD games ).

    Am I missing something?

    My stuff for Scion 2E, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E & BtP
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      Conversions going to be a bit more complicated than I think you're imagining. Initiative, Defense, and Health all work significantly differently and aren't great 1:1 conversions (using NPC baddie stat blocks isn't a great guide because they are simplified in a few places that are more complicated for PCs and major NPCs).

      For example, attacks generally do a lot less damage in Storypath (you usually do 1 damage with an attack, maybe 2 if you get a bunch of successes, unless you have Scale... and Scale's just a whole different mess to convert).

      So a Storypath character with 6 Health is more like a CofD 2e character with 15 Health, it's not going down in one hit without some serious oomph.

      As well, Storypath Health also incorporates the equivalent of CofD 2e Tilts. Rather than needing a Beaten Down Tilt, the Storypath system can easily leave a target with enough Damage Conditions that they can't effectively fight even if they're far from death and will want to opt to get Taken Out to avoid death.