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  • lasellj
    started a topic Martial Arts & Boxing

    Martial Arts & Boxing

    Hello :-)

    Whirlwind Strike (Martial Arts 3), Defensive Jab (Boxing 2), and Combination (Boxing 4) all provide different methods of dealing additional damage in combat.

    The Hand as Weapon (Martial Arts 4) makes your unarmed strikes do Letha.
    The Touch of Death (Martial Arts 5) makes your hands a 2 Damage Rating weapon.

    So, if someone has Martial Arts 4 and 5, would the extra damage from Martial Arts 3, Boxing 2, and Boxing 4 follow suit? Or are they still considered Bashing Damage despite the mechanics of Martial Arts 4 and 5? (ie: are the various sources of damage upgraded to Lethal, with an additional 2 damage on a successful hit?)


  • Heavy Arms
    Martial Arts 3 and Boxing 2 don't get upgrades from MA 4 or 5. They deal bashing damage based on opponent actions, not your unarmed strikes.

    You can definitely combine MA 4 and Boxing 4 for a lethal damage strike with extra damage on a successful hit. MA 5 and Boxing 4 should also stack by my reading of the Hurt Locker stacking guidelines (they both make the attack do more damage, but one is a flat damage increase and the other is bonus dice), but there's a judgemental call to make there and some people might disagree validly.

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