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I want to do a campaign in morden day Mongolia but..

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  • I want to do a campaign in morden day Mongolia but..

    I don’t know a lot about Mongolia. do any of you have any good research sources?

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    Why do you want to do a game there?

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      I don’t exactly know yet


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        Then... why? Why Mongolia? Why pick there as opposed to any other place?

        Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
        Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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          , partly because it has a low population density and it’s easier to get away with supernatural Shenanigans. And partly becuase I’m interested in Mongolian culture and history


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            Mongolia has a big tradition of local shamanistic believes. In official CoD coverage, from what I remember, all the area of it are roots of Mikhaili vampire lost Clan, Lodge Eaters of the Dead for werewolves ( hunting undead ) and Ulgan ephemera-based Prometheans.

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              Perhaps the book "Red Shambhala" by Andrei Znamenski. It's about the effort to create a Buddhist/Communist Utopia during the early 20th century.


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                The Eagle Huntress (2016), a pretty good documentary about a 13 year old Kazakh girl involved in the Mongolian sport of eagle hunting (basically falconry with eagles).

                A Pearl in the Forest (2008), a drama about the Soviet purges in Mongolia during the 1930s.

                Mongol (2007), an epic biopic about Genghis Khan.

                Andrei Znamenski's Red Shambhala, a nonfiction look at the Soviet Union's attempts to manipulate and co-opt central and East Asian Buddhist and animist beliefs for their own political ends.

                Kevin Turner's Sky Shamans of Mongolia, a sort of travelogue among the country's modern practitioners, both rural and urban.

                Stephen Bodio's Eagle Dreams, an account of his travels in Mongolia right after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 90s.

                Jack Weatherford's The Secret History of the Mongol Queens, about Genghis Khan's daughters, which is a followup to his earlier Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World.

                Carl Hoffman's The Lunatic Express, in which he travels the world using some of the most dangerous and bizarre methods possible, includes a section where he travels Western China and Mongolia. Tangentially is Paul Theroux's Riding the Iron Rooster, about traveling China, including the western regions and the boarders with Mongolia, by train.

                And the various travels guides about the country from groups like Lonely Planet, Culture Smart and Rough Guide. Also, PBS's Roughing It: Mongolia (2017).

                RPG-wise, the only stuff about Mongolia deal with the period of Genghis Khan's empire, with the Vampire: the Dark Ages sourcebook Wind from the East: Mongols and the Mythic Russia expansion The Golden Horde.

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                  More inspiration than resource, but I recently was told of this band:


                  And they are just awesome.


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