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Brief Horror - the Lasser Glass

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  • Brief Horror - the Lasser Glass

    The Lasser Glass
    (Lone Horror)

    An antique mirror that first appeared in the 18th century, the Lasser Glass has consistently driven its owners to madness, murder and suicide. It normally operates by seizing control of the minds and perceptions of one or more of its owners, setting them against everyone else while hitting the rest of the family with enough illusions to make them know that something is wrong. This culminates in the owners attacking and eventually killing each other.

    Best at (10 dice): Controlling perceptions, taking over bodies, driving people insane, being hard to target.

    Worst at (2 dice): Anything other than acting like a mirror

    All other pools: 5 dice

    Aspiration: To drive its owners to kill each other and themselves.

    Willpower/Scene: 6

    Defense: 10 (manifests as the mirror being hard to hit due to mind-bending illusions. Usually takes an instant action to dodge when attacked, but has no Defense at all against attacks not guided by a conscious mind, that do not intend to target it, or by anyone who immune to illusions.)

    Structure: 12

    Dread Powers: Influence (Perception) ***, Eye Spy (Can see from any point in the building it inhabits), Draining Aura, Gremlin, Madness and Terror.

    New Dread Power: Draining Aura

    This Horror drains health within the range of its senses. By default, this is not strong enough to drain from sentient creatures: Instead, it drains from non-sentient life such as pets and plants, provided these are at most size 4. It may do so reflexively once per scene, draining two Health to gain one Willpower. Any creatures killed may disappear or simply shrivel up and die.


    I saw Oculus a while ago and, as it's one of the better Horror movies that I've ever seen, I figured I'd create a straight port for it within the Chronicles of Darkness. Hope you enjoy.
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    Nice. Could you give examples of what actions fall into worst pool and which fall into all other pools?

    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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      I took some of this from the House That Hates, in the CoD Core. But I'd go with the following things in each pool:

      The best pool is meant for the things core to the Lasser Glass. That scene where they're trying to hit it and end up just hitting the wall is a prime example, as is the general ability to show traumatic events to people (like its ability to hurt Marie with the image of her Caesarian section in a grossly-exaggerated manner).

      The mid-pool is stuff that's sort of relevant to its ability, like how it drains life or intercepts phone calls and then pretends to be someone else.

      The final pool is there for a 'just in case' type of thing. In most cases, almost everything you'd expect the Lasser Glass to do in a game falls under one of the other two pools. But say it runs into something like a Mage or someone immune to illusions and wants to, say, strike up cordial relations or whatever and generally act contrary to its purpose? Or if it wants to show something that goes on in the house within its reflection, without trying to drive anyone insane? That'd be the pool you'd use.