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Unofficial Poll!!,What Eras do you want to see in the next dark eras

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    Originally posted by mheh12 View Post
    Personally i would really like to see a Promethean Dark era in the aftermath of WW2 specifically about the survivors of the Nazi camps (with the theme of building your life back)

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      Chronicles of Darkness:
      - Children's Crusade (Innocents): The infamous Crusade in which a preacher convinced a lot of children to embark to reconquer the Holy Land, and they ended being sold as slaves in Alexandria.

      - Roman Monarchy: According Requiem for Rome, the Monarchy vampires were ruled by the Stryx. It could be an interesting update of Requiem for Rome, but with a setting full change and a full new perspective, in order to avoid reiteration. It could be used, however, to update in a sidebar the benefits of the Collegia, Legio Mortuum and Senex.

      - Ancient Sumer: And updating and ampliation of Hunting Grounds Summer to 2nd edition, and with more information (the original one was too damn short). It could be interesting to update it to the 2nd Edition lore, and maybe stablishing Sumer as the origin of the Tribes

      - Roman Empire / Partian Empire / Qin/Han Dinasties: That would be a multisetting, detailing how the different Darshanas from To the Strongest institutionalized around the world into de Orders.
      - Al-Andalus Awakened: In the past, Corduba was one of the greatest cities and centers of knowledge of Europe (may be the greater). It's natural to think that mages would be atracted to a city like this. It could offer us the islamic versions of the Orders, and how both branches interact.

      - Spanish Inquisition: An ancient proposal that lost the polls. How did the Hunters opperated during those times. ¿Did they use the Inquistion as a cover for their attacks against monsters? ¿Or did they had to hide from Inquisition? Would the Malleus Maleficorum be considered heretic by the Inquisition? What about the Aegis kai Doru and Cheiron? or what about the Ascending Ones from the Moriscos people?

      - Prehispanic America: Centered in Mesoamerica or, may be better, in the Incan Empire (not visited by current Dark Eras). How were the Changelings from those ancient societies? Which Courts did they had? Which kiths, hobgoblings, noble orders and faeries legends based on their culture did they had?

      - Spanish Civil War: Spanish Civil War wasa bloody war that preluded and anticipated IIWW. A lot of IIWW tactics were prved first here, as the boumbing of the cities (Gernika was fully devastated by german aviation). There was also a lot of repression, in both sides: anarchists and communists killing catholics and conservatives, and franquists killing anarchists, communists, socialists, sindicalists, catalanist, democrats, liberals... The Franquists repression endured a lot of time after the end of the war, and currently there is more than 200.000 bodies buried in unnamed common graves (according some sources, the second after Cambodja). How wold Sin-Eaters who "resurrect" in those times reaction to the great death poll? What did they do with the thusands of fantoms it generated?

      - Book of Judges (Hunter/Demon): The Hunter's one lost by few votes against Roman werewolves. In the Dark Era tales it's implied that some of Old Testament Prophets could serve the God-Machine. I think it could be an interest take of old judaism, with God-Machine agents trying to subvert it to serve their Lord, and the Hunter Judges trying to preserve its "purity" against other Gods infiltrators.

      LAND OF THE DAMNED: SPAIN (Spanish): Land of the Damned: Spain, Kingdoms of Blood: Spain; Cities of the Damned: Barcelona, Valencia, Carthian Constitution (1812), Three Arrows Pact:

      OTHERS (Spanish): Demon: The Redemption, Bloodlines: The Forgotten


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        Dark Eras: 1984

        1984: The Haunted Valley,
        set in the San Fernando Valley and it's LA commuter towns (the world you see in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Valley Girl, ET, and The Karate Kid) and/or Orange Valley (Poltergeist), based around the idea that back in the 1920s, an architect built a building in LA designed to harness spiritual energy from the underworld, perhaps with the idea of summoning some ancient god. Because of certain astrological alignments, that building has become active and is causing a massive upswing in hauntings and other paranormal disturbances in the region. The PCs are from these surrounding small towns (ideally teens and 20somethings) forced to deal with things like their suburb being haunted by bodies that weren't moved from the graveyard the new neighborhood was built on, the ghost of a dead serial killer coming back for revenge on the children of the vigilante mob that killed him, weird government investigators and the like. This eventually leads them to the corrupt book of ancient lore used by the architect and his building. Primarily for Geist and Hunter, as well as Second Sight, with a few threads for other lines (Mummy).

        1984: Diamond Dogs, taking it's name from David Bowie's 1974 album (which apparently started as an effort to turn Orwell's 1984 into a stage musical), set in London, among the youth culture of the Blitz Kids/New Romantics and the city's gay population, with the period's socio-economic upheavals and the beginnings of the AIDs crisis perpetually lurking around the edges of everything. Primarily a Changeling: The Lost setting, with Promethean and Vampire angles as add-ons, with a lot of the overtones and themes you see in the works of people like Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison and the like. Themes of alienation from "respectable" mainstream society and wanting to make one's own mark on the world, with a lot of urban dark fantasy elements mixed in.

        1984: Hell is for Children, the "Satanic Panic" setting that was being developed for Beast & IIRC Inferno (by The young man in the cafe IIRC)

        1984: Blood of the Land, set in South Africa during the Botha era, against the backdrop of rampant terrorism and riots, brutal police crackdowns, involvement in wars in Angola and Namibia, and increasing international pressure against the country. A Werewolf setting in which the PCs' backgrounds go a long way toward determining how they view the situation(s) and who their allies and enemies are.

        1984: Concrete & Crome, urban LA at the intersection of New Wave and Cyberpunk, drawing very heavily from William Gibson's early short stories, the original Terminator film, Repo Man, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Dreamscape, and Beverly Hills Cop. For Mage, and probably Demon as well.

        1984: Cocaine Cowboys, Miami at the hight of the drug trade and it's violent power struggles, with Vampires up to their necks in it.

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