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Here’s some urban legends from each state for Inspirations for you chronicles

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    The Wompus Cat is all over the American south east. I have heard every thing from it was black beard's cat to it being a Cherokee legend. A large cat with shape shifting powers.


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      Originally posted by Konradleijon View Post
      Why? Did people try to bulldoze the Alamo?
      The folklore of it is that shortly after the battle, there were plans to tear down the mission shortly after the battle. This failed when the soldiers ordered to do so were menaced of by ghosts.

      A lot of people in the area I live actually believe the place is haunted. Came to mind mostly because it's local to me, but I wasn't sure if that aspect was a thing up north.

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        Good thing the ghosts Stopped Them!

        It’s know a Tourist trap!


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          Happy to see it's Deep Ones as my state's representatives

          ... little confused to see them so far from the satellite campus of Y'ha-nthlei in Lake Erie, but still...
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