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    So I am planning a relic hunt game. I have all of Aegis's ,Reliquary And Reignhells relics any more that follow the dot format above which I am missing.

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    Re: More Relics

    I can also recommend the sample Fetishes in Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition (pg. 147-149) and the sample Tokens in Changeling: the Lost 2nd Edition (pg. 222-229 - if you backed the Kickstarter!).
    While the exact mechanics are geared to be a bit more gameline specific, these use a 1-5 dot scale and are mostly compatible power wise with the baseline established in Reliquary and Hunter. I use these same sources to help balance the relics I write up.

    Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
    The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
    Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
    Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


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      Charms from the first edition of Geist, perhaps - they're formed by sudden death rather than the accumulation of life, but they can vary very widely. Vessels from Mummy the Curse have a similar vibe to Reliquary, but are more powerful and dangerous (to the user I mean).