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  • Halloween Events?

    What are the various supernaturals up to during Halloween? Surprisingly, I couldn't find that many references to it in the books I have. Even Geist doesn't mention it, although I find it hard to believe that Sin-Eaters don't at least put on some Wakes to celebrate. Are there any canon references to rites or celebrations put on at this time of year for various splats?

    And are there any you have in your headcanon? It seems likely to me that the Circle of the Crone does something, and maybe the Ordo Dracul and the Lancea Sanctum as well; among the vampire clans, I can see the Mekhet really doing it up, along with the Daeva and maybe even the Nosferatu.

    Any others?

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    it would be a night where you don't need the Blush for one thing,

    Prommies can't really do Halloween. Since even if it's expected their Disfigurments will still cause Disquiet.

    The Ashwood Abby would throw some kind of event, will be crazy

    Also Demon's would be able to attend parties with their Demon forms, if they use Context Matters so that is fun



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      My general idea for monsters races on All Hallows Eve...

      Vampires makes cool parties in Elysium. Probably they can even sacrifice some poor fellow on them.

      Werewolves makes great Wild Hunt - weird is that on 31st of October normally locked ancient Prey is set loose. Like the world want Uratha to Hunt on this nights...

      For mages - it's day as any other - so MYSTERIES to unlock!

      Prometheans uncover that their Humors are imbalance on this dark, stormy nights. Especially Ectoplasm Humor has a lead and Ulgan's are really restless...

      Changelings are on watch out of Wild Hunt from Huntsman and Hobgoblins. Wall between Arcadia and Earth is very thin then. It's Autumn Court's greatest test of power.

      Sin-Eaters have a hands full of work - All ghosts get special, one night Materialized Manifestation on Halloween. I.E. They have suddenly physical body! For how bad physical ghosts is see American Horror Story seasons 1 and 6.

      Beasts Horrors are really restless on this nights. They automatically lose any Satiety they got prior on sunset. Now we are have Hungry 'trick or treaters' around the world!
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