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    Rhyme not intended. What vices best represent violence and/or sadism? I've considered wrath, but it doesn't feel right.

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    First Edition, I'm assuming, since Second Edition has freeform vices and you could just put down Sadistic.

    For First Edition, pay less attention to the name of the Vice and more attention to the particular Willpower trigger described.

    Wrath is better for a character whose vice is a hair trigger, who doesn't necessarily intend violence but spontaneously initiates it when provoked.
    A sadist who derives satisfaction from causing particular kinds of suffering or punishment to other characters is a good candidate for a nonsexual manifestation of Lust. This is for characters who go out of their way to make others suffer, without any other motive.
    A more practical mean case, pursuing their own goals but with a vindictive, hurtful edge to their ways about it, fits Envy well. This is for characters who intertwine their violence with their other ambitions or principles.


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      I hadn't considered either Lust or Envy. I'll look into them. My character concept is taken from people such as Irma Grese, Delphine LaLaurie and Elizabeth Bathory, though this one will be less overtly crazy.


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        For sadism/
        If it’s 2nd edition—Narcissism. Sadists are almost universally self-involved to the point where another being’s suffering is an abstraction. Wrath doesn’t fit sadism really, as it involves a wounded emotional core, and Sadism is on a spectrum of low empathies (absence of emotions). I suppose it could be Wrath as in hurt Pride. Lust maybe, if the actions are sadistic in a purely De Sade fashion (rooted in libertine, ‘offend the God’ freedoms). Bathory was (by all accounts) an inventive torturer, a humiliator, a murderer —someone who revelled in power over the helpless, almost insatiable. Perhaps Gluttony then, if you can extend it to the concept of feeding on suffering.

        The truth is that sadism isn‘t really vice-triggered, but a distorted state of the psyche. Given that the dysfunctions are of personality and mind, and driven by power, I would say Pride (in their work, in their superiority), Lust (if the emphasis is on the visceral) or Gluttony (the insatiable need to feed).

        For violence/
        Wrath. A character might be motivated by fundamental inadequacy or a feeling of powerlessness, and that would make them angry, and by extension, that anger could flow into violent cruelty.