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[2E CoD] Running a Heist scenario

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  • [2E CoD] Running a Heist scenario

    So my players want to make Heist scene - think about robing the casino or bank. ( Not really in this example, but very close enough. ) I want to make this breaking and entering opening scene of the session, so wanted to make it more detailed. I was thinking here about scenes like in movies where protagonists are talking about doing various things connected to Heist - and in the same time we see how this protagonist later is doing the same thing.

    I was thinking about using rules for Building Equipment - Plans from CoD Rulebook, page 100 - but the rules does not seems to take in accord various tasks need to complete - or how characters can fail them. Also, there is imbalance of 'we roll to see the bonus to actions - but to get the bonus, we need to first do tasks'.

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    Think about using the Investigation rules. Treat the prep work as an Investigation, and they can spend elements on making sure stuff goes their way.

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      Second thinking about it - I may over thought it? PCs want to steal a body from local Police station, covering as a funeral company. I'm not thinking that they do more that one task beside one character in this example. Getting hearse, talking over one guard, maybe sneaking pass Police officers that know them? Maybe Building Equipment Plans rule is enough for the scene like that?

      Question connected - The Plan is so the Bone Shadows werewolf get to the body and could use Gift to see what he saw before his death - Plan rules can then add bonus to Gift activation?

      My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
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        Assuming a group of mature players whom are interested in a challenging and awesome story more than simple victory:

        I'd pull out the full tool kit, make casing the place to make the "Plan" a set of investigation (small 'i', using skills appropriate to each situation and technique) scenes with a required "Clue" count (which represent the number of obstacles needing bypassed and/or Scenes needed for the heist to be successful), letting the players suggest what each Clue represents, but each should be a what one obstacle is and an idea how to get around it. Me, I'd choose an Obstacle count higher than the number of players so each can pick something for themselves and I can pepper in a couple I had in mind but let them suggest what the clue says the work around is. I'd include at least one use of the chase mechanics, either as an actual Physical Chase or as a Social Chase representing make a timed distraction. I'd also have a couple gathering supply scenes be part of the Clue gathering prep, either uniforms and credentials, convincing/black mail certain NPCs to perform some task which fits into the greater whole or get more exotic gear like explosive, rare technology and such. I'd allow simple equipment creation rules for making Plans to enhance the chance of success before the casing/researching scenes. If this is sounding a bit like generalized broad-strokes Italian Job, Ocean 11 or Ocean 12, that's the point.

        For all this work if they meet the required Clue count in the "Uncovering the Truth" stage. the Plan would be worth a +5 Equipment Bonus, allows the Players to define the nature of most of the scenes in the heist to suit the PCs roles in it, and avoids any of the complication of "not planning enough".

        The list of the complications I'd have for each Clue they were lacking to make the plan are this:
        • The Plan has the Volatile condition
        • The Plan has the Fragile condition
        • The Plan leaves the identity of one of the PCs known to those Stolen heisted from, but without proof (May be chosen a number of times equal to the Number of PC)
        • The Plan leaves definitive proof that would stand up to appropriate authorities/ system of justice (May be chosen again for each time above is chosen again)
        • Serious point of vulnerability the PCs have if previous identified (such as their base, hide outs, valuable item caches the PCs deeply value, or NPCs that PC care about, or get the equivalent to Surprise Entrance Dread Power the PC are without such "weaknesses" then where they are asleep or personally helpless).

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