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Underground Fighting Rings?

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  • Underground Fighting Rings?

    Tournaments are COOL

    and have been thinking a bit about the Bulls ghoul family from first edition.

    And Revenants desperately fighting for their unlives.

    Maybe with uplifiting given as a prize to champions.

    Invictus could easily mastermind such a thing while some sects of Circle of the crone might see it as holy to their gods where others would see it as blasphemy.

    The sanctum would decry it from the culprit then go to the games themselves in disguise.

    Ordo Dracul would only be that interested if their were unusual powers on display.

    Im pretty sure prometheans w2ould only be part of such a thing if forced.

    Any other ideas on how Underground fighting rings could fit into COFD?

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    What about does on the Path of steel ,Forgot it’s name witch strive to challenge there Bodies . What better test is there then ripping fangs off a vampire as you throw it off you?


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      Is $$$ the best prize?

      Or things like uplifting a revenant?

      Every now and then toss a Revenant a Kindred outlaw they can commit Amarath on.


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        $$$$ seems like a pretty crudey Reward to Vampires.


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          for Ghouls Especialy say The family ghouls called Bulls?


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            oh What Breaking point rating Should Simply attending a Underground fighting ring be?


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              Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
              oh What Breaking point rating Should Simply attending a Underground fighting ring be?
              I think it depends if the Fighters are Willing or not


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                Say 4 if their unwilling say 8 if their willing?

                theirs lots of gradations of "Willing" like the "Bulls" Ghoul family from old Invictus covenant book.


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                  I'm more inclined to say none if they're willing and possibly still none if they're unwilling. As long as you're just attending you're just standing around in a crowd witnessing something violent but mundane, neither of which is a breaking point. If it is a breaking point it's certainly a high one, not something that even starting vamps would have to roll for.

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                    What about Secret Societies that date back to the Camarillla with Gladiatorial mindset and significant benefits and obligations which enhances motifs and themes found the Invictus.

                    Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
                    I made this for another thread but it belongs here, so here I'll post it and then link the other thread here. Hope other people find use for this Vampire Mystery Cult Initiation too. :-)
                    Mystery Cult Initiation
                    Honesta Mortuis(Honorable Dead)
                    This mystery cult dates back to the Camarilla, and the Roman tradition of gladiatorial contests. In much the same way humans will engage in pugilism, cock fights, or dog fights for glory, honor, and a form of immortality through blood thirsty entertainment, so too do the Invictus whom belong to this mystery cult strive for those three things. Since vampires are as far above men as men are to livestock and dogs, Ghouls are prized combat proxies bred, groomed, and trained to fight. Ghoul matches are sometimes to injury or when incapacitated for low stakes opener and warm-up matches, and high stakes main events are always death matches between Ghouls, unless there is a vampire match. Vampires whom vow their immortal Fealty to the Blood Arena to be Gladiators, serve the blood sport as a vassal serves a lord and are rewarded with Vitae, and the chance to be resurrected if they meet Final Death in a manner which isn't equivalent to diablerie, if fellow Gladiators are willing to fight in a special match which costs the loser their immortal unlife and Soul. All vampires above merely being an Audience member is also a Gladiator for a particular Blood Arena. Gladiators are sworn to a Blood Arena and their lies are plain for all to see while, which cultivates a general atmosphere greater honesty and trust of those vampires while within their sworn Blood Arena. Final Death for vampires in sanctioned matches within the Blood Arena are verboten, and with the exception of special matches specifically sanctioned for the purpose of resurrecting vampires sworn to the Blood Arena. The power to sanction a way to cheat Final Death and the prestige of hosting. The Honorable Dead are a microcosm which highlights the juxtaposition of savage predators and genteel Lords which reflects the seeming paradox of the First Estate as a whole.
                    Relic: The Red Sand of the Blood Arena fighting rings
                    Doctrine: Be disciplined and ruthless yet honorable, Honorable Dead do not fight Honorable Dead outside the ring, Nor do Honorable Dead strike for Final Death unless the Match is an assenting Sacrifice for the Second Embrace of a fallen Gladiator, Wagers on lives consumed within the fighting ring shall be honored, and only members may attend.

                    • (The Honored Audience) To even be able to attend one of these fighting events requires membership in this mystery cult and this mystery cult only accepts Invictus, and increases the prestige of those already Invictus whom join. Gain or increase Merit - Status (Invictus)•
                    •• (Gladiator) To even be able to participate (which is required to advance) in one of these fighting events involves swearing an Oath of Fealty to the Blood Arena where inducted to this level of mystery, as opposed to owing fealty to a Vampire. The limitation of only having a single Liege still applies and any lies spoken or written by a vassal a shows a synesthesia-like black-veined aura to all those perceiving it within the Blood Arena the Gladiator is sworn to. Gain Merit - Oath of Fealty (Specific Blood Arena)•• .
                    ••• (Contender Owner) Most fighting in the Blood Arena are not vampire, instead the blood is shed by Ghouls specifically bred, groomed, and trained for the sport, like champion fighting animals, and the right to own such Ghouls, and the gift of your first such Ghoul is granted by this level initiation. Gain Merit - Ghoul Retainer (Blood Arena Fighting) ••
                    •••• (Champion Owner) The only way to advance beyond merely owning a Contender Owner in hopes of earning the right to become an Arena Owner is to invest the time and effort to train, groom and truly cultivate one of your fighting Ghouls so that he wins a tournament. Add ••• to one of your existing Ghoul Retainers (Blood Arena Fighting).
                    ••••• (Blood Arena Owner) The road to becoming an Blood Arena Owner requires taking your fighting Ghouls on a circuit of tournaments at various Blood Arenas until your Ghouls have won enough championships to earn the respect of many Blood Arena Owners until a quorum petition one of the one of the Blood Arena Owners with the Devotion Blood arena Comissioner (aka sanguis arenam Aedilis) to perform the ritual which makes the Blood Arena with the Blood-Arena-Owner-to-be. There are three alternative methods to reach this level. First if you are in Dynasty, reach the rank of Champion Owner, a member of your dynasty who is a Blood Arena Owner faces a non-diablerie Final Death, and uses a special type of Speaker for the Silent to declare you heir. Second learning the devotion yourself allows you to just purchase this level of initiation, and your Oath of Fealty applies to your own Blood Arena (which is undesirable). Third and very unlikely is the Final Death of a Blood Arena Owner in a manner which disqualifies them to speak from through proxy, in which case Blood Arena becomes freely available to the first Champion Owner to use Unmarked Grave while within the fighting ring to a silent spectators of thirteen other Honorable Dead, their silence indicating their approval or acceptance. Merit - Strange Place (Blood Arena) •••

                    Strange Place
                    Blood Arena
                    Through an application of a Devotion by one of the Elders of this Mystery Cult make the ground itself becomes hungry for blood spilled in combat and able to offer it blood-bond free Vitae to those of this mystery cult who've been inducted to at least Gladiator, before being promoted to owners of fighting ghouls. Needless to say older vampires have used this to avoid hunger due to blood thickening, and this Mystery Cult goes back to the glory days of the Camarilla, for good reason. The benefits granted by Blood Arenas are significant enough to tilt the power balance in favor of the Invictus in any place this mystery cult can take hold. These arena must always be subterranean chambers certain elements, there needs to be a deep sandy circular fighting ring whose floor is blood red sand with a depth of several feet, paths for the combatants to enter the ring, and the ring is surrounded by seats for spectators.

                    Die Pool: 9
                    Gauntlet: 5
                    Potency: 3
                    Mystery Opacity: 4
                    Willpower: 4
                    Arena of Blood and Sand:
                    Blood Arena requires matches which are sanctioned by the owner of the Blood Arena within the arena, one of which must be a Matches resulting in injurous incapacitation through intense struggle between skilled human Ghouls fighters trained and groomed for the purpose at least once a Lunar month. Once a year one of those must be a Death Match, (Losing Ghoul bust be decapitated and left to bleed out onto the sand of the fighting ring). Having this met allows vampires whom have an Oath of Fealty claim their Status (Invictus) in Vitae from the Blood Arena as per normal from that merit. Additional fights are frequently useful for fulfilling Masks and Dirges (In particular the Authoritarian, Competitor, Conformists, Courtesan, Guru, Masochist, Monster, and Nurturer Perfectionist, Visionary Masks and Dirges are well suited) to recover Willpower are useful. Each Lunar month a Blood Arena goes without its minimum matches sanction by its Blood Arena Owner all members of the Honorable Dead Mystery Cult Initiation within a radius of seven Leuga (15.54 Km) suffer a cumulative 1 Die Penalty to resist Frenzy and cumulative 2 Die Penalty to Ride the Wave, with the desire of the Frenzying vampires' Beast being ensuring there is a sanctioned Death Match in the Blood Arena as soon as possible so that they watch from the stands.
                    Inhabited By Blood Cultists and their fighting Ghouls:
                    Member of the Honorable Dead Mystery Cult within and their Blood Arena Fighting Ghouls consider the Place their home, and that preternatural familiarity grants them a distinct advantage against intruders. Any member of that mystery cult or their Blood Arena Fighting Ghouls within the Environment gains 3 dots of the Safe Place Merit and gains a +2 bonus to its rolls to resist supernatural effects. The Honorable Dead Cultist who is the Blood Arena Owner for this particular Blood Arena may revoke this Environment for any being whom doesn't have an Oath of Fealty to the Blood Arena. This Environment is always active for as long as the creature resides at the location.
                    Vampiric Reconstitution:
                    Vampires which have Fealty to this specific Blood Arena may be resurrected as per the Immortal Dread power should they die, if the owner of the Blood Arena declares a special "to the diablerie" match for the specific purpose, and two vampire of their own free will without of mystical or discipline coercion opt to fight for the purpose of resurrecting the slain vampire. The battle must take place within the fighting ring, with at least thirteen Mystery Cult members need to attend and watch the event. Being diablerized, having the Environments of this Strange Place give someone else the Tainted Condition because you were reduced to sand, having the Obliterated Condition, or being the victim of something equivalent to Diablerie disqualifies them from being resurrected by Environments of Blood Arenas. The winner of the fight survives but has none of the normal benefits or penalties of diablerie, the loser has his soul ripped from them and their body is reduced to the same type of sand which comprises the fighting ring. Emerging from the fighting ring's Sand as if it was an Unmarked Grave comes the Resurrected vampire. That vampire has the Tainted Condition as if they had diablerized the losing vampire for the severity of the Die penalty or contested roll for the Condition, and counts as having diablerized them for all detection purposes. The loser of the special "to the diablerie" match leaves no Ghost, may not be resurrected as if they had been diablerized, The resurrected vampire's Blood Pool upon resurrection equals what ever blood was drained from the loser beyond what could fit in the winner's Blood Pool + their Status (Invictus) merit. Solely for two purposes in the case of vampires whom owe Fealty to their own Blood Arena may be channeled by Speakers for the Silent if they'd qualify to be Channeled while torpid if they suffer Final Death by any means which isn't equivalent to Diablerie; the first being to declare which Dynasty whose also a Champion Owner within the mystery cult inherits their Blood Arena or the conditions of such an inheritance, or second to declare a special tournament "to the diablerie" to resurrect themselves and in that declaration of the tournament they may list a prize which they are Oath-Bound on pain of death to grant within a single lunar cycle to the winner of the fight.
                    Honor Among The Dead:
                    While within the ring during a fight sanctioned by the Blood Arena Owner the following rules apply:
                    • The Lives Consumed by the Blood Arena are Sacred, all Wagers Made Within the Arena Over a Death Match Shall Be Honored. Mechanically this rule is enforced that lies about a Sanctioned Death Match shows a synesthesia-like black-veined aura to all those perceiving it within the Blood Arena, revealing them to be lies. Those that refuse to pay whatever was wagered within a Lunar month upon losing are perceived with a synesthesia-like black-veined aura around them, even through disguises, or heavy clothing, anything they say or write to all those perceived by members of the Mystery Cult of the Honorable Dead until the wager is paid. If the wager become unpayable the This isn't direct enforcement but does apply a lot of social pressure.
                    • The Heartsblood's Sacrifice Match is to be Embraced by the Sand of the Arena, but Otherwise the Honorable Dead Do Not Battle to Final Death. Mechanically this rule is enforced that (except when declared "to the diablerie" to resurrect a vampire), if a vampire successfully inflicts Final Death against another vampire, both vampires are instantly killed and reduced the sand which comprises the fighting ring floor. This happens before being diablerized succeeds and prevents its success, then the character which had Final Death inflicted by the other vampire resurrects by rising from the sand of the fighting ring as per Unmarked Grave and has the Tainted Condition as if they had diablerized the vampire which inflicted Final Death for the severity of the Die penalty or contested roll for the Condition, and counts as having diablerized them for all detection purposes. If a vampire is reduced torpid during a fight sanctioned by the Blood Arena Owner while within the ring, that vampire has similar protection until waking from Torpor even when removed , but the vampire whom counts as the one inflicted Final Death is the one most morally responsible, and the resurrected vampire rises at the Blood Arena. Many elder Gladiators whom grow world weary fight until torpid in a fight in order to protect their bodies. If a Gladiator or higher ranking member of the Honorable Dead attacks in a manner which would inflict wounds or drain Vitae to another member of the Mystery Cult outside of a a Sanctioned Match within the fighting ring within a Blood Arena the aggressor gains the Beaten Down Tilt, as does the defender if they opt to similarly strike the aggressor. Honorable Dead whom inflict Final Death upon another Honorable Dead immediately lose all levels of the Mystery Cult Initiation (Honorable Death) with part of the Sanctity of Merits going towards maintaining the Oath of Fealty Merit to their home Blood Arena for those of Gladiator or greater rank, and note they are not exempt from the penalty of slaying vampire protected by being rendered torpid in a Sanctioned Match.
                    • Authority is to be Trusted to Use Violence with Honor. Kindred to Advance in the Honored Dead Must Battle Within the Ring, and Swear Fealty to their Home Blood Arena. Mechanically it is impossible to advance in the Honorable Dead Mystery Cult Initiation without a proper induction ceremony which includes swearing an Oath of Fealty to the Blood Arena where the ceremony takes place and then immediate engaging in a Sanction Match to Torpor with an existing Gladiator with at least six Honorable Dead Mystery Cultists watching the Match from the spectator area.

                    Blood Arena Commissioner (aka Sanuis Arenam Aedilis)
                    Animalism ••••• Protean • (Invictus Oath) Notary •• Mystery Cult Initiation (Honorable Dead) •
                    The use of this devotion may be done for the Vampire who has the devotion, but only is they do not already have an Oath of Fealty, but it also can be used on the behalf of another vampire whom has met the requirements of the Honorable Dead Mystery Cult •••••. The successful use of this devotion is what imbues a Blood Arena with its supernatural abilities and makes it a Strange Place owned by the vampire on whose behalf this devotion was used.

                    Rolls: None
                    Cost: 9 Vitae of the Vampire on whose behalf this Devotion is used, 1 Dot Humanity of the Vampire on whose behalf this Devotion is used, and another 1 Dot Humanity of the Vampire who uses the devotion, all the Vitae of the newly Embraced Neonate, the newly Embraced Neonate's Soul
                    Requirements: One human willing to swear unlimited service to the vampire on whose behalf this devotion s being used in exchange for immortality and the power life and death over vampires swear Fealty to him. A Structure which meets the physical characteristics of a Blood Arena, except the sand need not be blood red.

                    After the subterranean structure is built, with sandy fighting rings, paths for combatants, and seats for spectators, the vampire on whose behalf this devotion will be used must convince a mortal to eagerly accept the Embrace and to be willing to swear to unlimited service in exchange for immortality and the power life and death over vampires whom swear Fealty to him. The Mortal is Embraced within fighting ring, and then the fresh neonate is offered the special Oath empowered by this devotion, and the neonate Embraced in this manner must accept the terms willing without embellishment on promises nor threats for not swearing. If the newly Embraced accepts the Oath, the vampire on whose behalf this Devotion is used then dictates: "As my first command I order you to submit to <insert vampire performing the devotion"'s bite, so that you may be made one with this place so that all you were promised shall be fulfilled." The Power of the Oath then rendering them with the Enslaved(Condition) and obeying that command. The vampire performing the devotion then begins to drain all of the Vitae from the neonate which he then spills back onto the sand of the fighting ring focused through the power of of the devotion. Once the neonate is without Vitae the vampire performing the devotion proceeds to suck out the neonates soul and then without resistance channel the soul into the sand which turns blood red, as the neonate's body disintergrates into red sand as will, with the power of Animalism to claim land with Blood, Protean's power to merge with the earth, but the real noose around the victim's neck yanking their soul from their corpse was own willing Oath for eternal unconditional service to Sire in which the Oath demanded they be rewarded in such a way. While the vampire siring pays the humanity Price for siring, and the performing vampire pays the humanity price for diablerizing the childer, the performing vampire has no risk of gaining diablerie addition, they do not gain the Tainted Condition, nor do they gain any of the usual benefits of diablerie because they did not devour the soul, they merely channeled it into an eternal mindless prison of servitude as the power behind the Blood Arena.

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                      I can see Promethean Titans join for the challenge. Those on the Path of Silver might, too, if just for the connections.
                      The Ordo I think could develop quite the interest in an underground ring as a sort of experimental study: lots of data to be had, lots of new experiences to be made (controlled environment to test a theory, after all) + there is bound to be one desperate-to-win-fighter that is willing to agree to the Defiants'...'help' ("A werewolf-infusion totally cranks up your strength", "Yes, I am sure being repeatedly drained and filled with Ghoul-blood will make your body naturally produce Vitae", "There is this item... but it could get dangerous" etc. Lots of plot to be had for the scientifically inclined).
                      Also, I can see Beasts join, especially Predators and Tyrants. A good way to feed relatively safely on other supernaturals.
                      A pack of Uratha could use this as a sort of territory-marking ritual, showing everyone why they're the bosses.

                      Finally, a Cancer Cell (or just the more debased compacts, you know which ones I mean, Ashwood Abbey!) could very well entertain forced fights between supernaturals for their own amusement/fundraising.


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                        Would be fun if part of Task Force Valkyrie was involved too. Showing how Jingoistic they are.


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                          What does jingoism have to do with gladatorial combat?

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                            Should have just said Fantatical or insane.

                            to be fair, any of their more moderate members would probably revoke the security clearance of those involved.


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                              Our world has a Seer Pylon of The Raptor who run a fighting pit in the Hedge. All are welcome to take part, either for official grudges and business, or just for entertainment. Some do it for power, some for money, some because they have no other choice.

                              There are werewolves, changelings beasts... Heck my vampire is getting ready to duel a for there.