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How to create Storyteller's Vault PDFs

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  • How to create Storyteller's Vault PDFs

    Advise topic on creation of Storyteller's Vault fan books. Post you ideas or good practices on putting together PDFs for Vault. To start, when doing my NPCs pack for Pugmire from official Word templates ( in similar program, Canis Minor ) - I found biggest problem was with cover information to put on. I could not make nice frame around cover art the book line is define. And biggest problem was with needed info on the cover that stated things like this:

    '​Lord Maximilian and his company are ready to use NPCs that can be part or center of story for both Pugmire or Monarchies of Mau, around Unseen demons or ruins of Man. Lord’s dark secret makes him natural villain for the tale – but he can also be played as character seeking redemption. Compatible with Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau - Requires the use of the Pugmire book.'

    I could not make nice contrasted text box to show up over the cover art. If you got some advice to solve this problems in Word, I'm all ears.

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