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[Dark Eras fan] Kuaru – Early Medieval Kiev, Ukraine – circa 700 – 988 AD

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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    I was thinking more that Slavs sticked to their gods, Norse to their - and Khazars to Tengrism. Some little overlaps could be, but remember that Khazars were occupiers of Slavic people in region, often changing rulers ( because of Khanagate's inner conflicts ) - where Norse where slightly better in their public relations with natives. So much, that Norse in two-three decades became Rus we here all along and state was named later on.
    Okay, cool, that makes sense.

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      To give a context of my actual run game - In year 800 my two Vikings packs group ( one PCs, one NPCs ) got after 72 days of journey from nowadays Uppsala, Sweden to Kuaru. All that left in their journey are 7 Uratha ( 4 PCs, 3 NPCs ) and two slaves they got on travel ( well, one is considered 'free companion' in journey ). One of PCs is ex-Khazars slave so he understood what they were saying when 3 Sambat warriors where in Slavic sinkhole, at feet of Sambat proper. He listen how warriors are disappointed (delicately speaking) with the new Khagan Kundaj, cause 'he says only to take 1/10th from Slavs, not everything'. They also complain how local priest, Bashtu, is closed in his temple all day longs. When the PC told it to groups main leader and berseker - he started to shout 'Khan! Khan! Khan!' at the center of Slavs settlement, to challenge Khagan on ruling. What he got was 3 previous warriors going for PCs - that quickly ended in full Gauru fight, where mortal warriors almost killed the berserker. Furious, at the end of it, he throw burning tree at the gates of Sambat. And then PCs made 'tactical retreat'. Now whole Sambat is alarmed that some foreigners are challenging Khagan and making mess. And they will hunt our wolves now...

      Interesting implication now is that players where considering burning whole Sambat. Beside massive Harmony breaking point toward spirit it would be for them ( killing human is small, so we see here mass killing ) - I see they could involuntarily help Bashtu in summoning K'uar over Gauntlet in flesh with needed great sacrifice. I really look forward to next game session.

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        So I prepared K’uar, previous ruler of local Spirit Court of Kuaru, now a bit disgraced. Maybe you will look on him, @Khanwulf, @MhicWombat? Maybe some spirits experts can look on him with their great sights - @Reighnhell , @Vent0?

        Note: Great River mentioned in text is Dniepr River, on what Kuaru ( future Kiev) stands.

        K’uar – Fire of Truth

        Fire Spirit 4 Rank
        Background: K’ura is ancient spirit of sacrifice in flame. When first nomadic people of Great Steppe came to this area, they were uncertain and afraid of many things. They had questions. And they knew fire could answer them – if they will make correct sacrifice. That’s how K’uar was born.
        After millennia, he is now unsatisfied. In centuries before, he had legions of worshippers, whole tribes that burn animals and values in his name. Now, only those few priests in the temple are looking for him. And he is hungry. Especially, as the status of spirits of the Great River in surrounding is growing. And he still has ‘burns’ after his first confrontation with sacred water from those, eons later.
        Description: K’uar in main form looks more like humanoid shape made of living flame. You are not sure if it was human that is burning under fire, but blaze is encircling it, making it a bit bigger. In Pillar form, spirit is single vertical as big as few stories building. However, he is limited in range at foundation to no more than circle of about size of small room.
        Storytelling Hints: ( 800’s comment: ) With only Bashtu looking over his needs and trying to satisfy him for arcane knowledge, K’uar makes more and more impatient. He wants to be truly ‘alive’ and feel the world in the fullest – he want’s to exist in the Flesh, not only in Spirit. If there would reason to burn Kuar settlement, he would be all for it. Then his fire would really shine.

        To get sacrifice that he can burn in his flames
        To return as lead spirit in local area
        To come to Flesh and ‘live’, free of worries of Spirit World

        Rank: 4
        Attributes: Power 12, Finesse 10, Resistance 8
        Willpower: 10
        Essence: 25
        Initiative: 18
        Defense: 10
        Speed: 22
        Size: 9 ( 41 -> Pillar of Fire )
        Corpus: 17 ( 50 )
        Influences: Fire ••••, Truth ••
        Manifestations: Gauntlet Breach, Image, Materialize, Reaching, Pillar of Fire, Shadow Gateway, Twilight Form
        Numina: Aggressive Meme, Awe, Blast, Firestarter, Regenerate, Speed, Sign
        Ban: When give sacrifice for him to consume in his flames, he must answer only with truth
        Bane: Water from the source of Great River ( Dniepr )
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          I started to listen podcast about history of Russia - In this episode is described founding of Kiev by Vikings of Askold and Dir - and their later attack on Constantinople in 860 AD. I advise to listen whole podcast, as in it's previous episodes describe history and culture of various ethnic groups that build future Kievan Rus. And later on are literal facts and events from chronicles of Kiev as state.
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            I started to watch Netflix's Marco Polo series for inspirations on Khazars. In series we have shown Mongol Empire, that the same as Khazars, is decedent from Attila's Huns.

            Development in my own game - PCs voluntarily gave in to "captivity" and were carried out before in front of Khagan. Then 5 low-experienced werewolves massacred whole Khagan, High Priest, Bek and 15 of their Khazar warriors. Well, Khagan was taken into captivity by one of PCs. Uratha also let to release K'uar, Fire of Truth, in it's Pillar of Fire form into World of Flesh, burning Great Hall in the process - and possibly starting to burn whole Sambat. Good times!

            And I'm not sure if Khagan was not too weak to confront the players by his stats. Or would he be killed by Uratha simply because he is not werewolf, one way or another.

            Khanwulf, you know WtF 2E fairly well - You think that Khagan was too weak? Or simply any non-monster cannot equal Uratha in combat, however high he would have Skills?

            Bonus question to everyone - Can Khagan by traded to other Khangan for - I don't know - maybe right of passage in next chiefs lands in Khaganate?
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