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Updating Zero Company (Dogs of War) to 2E

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    Originally posted by 2ptTakrill View Post
    I haven't read Dogs of War but I picture any such group being more mercenary in nature, not part of a clear chain of command. After all most (if not all) of the splats see normal people as somehow 'less' or at least less able to understand and handle the truth.
    Keep in mind it's for people that have changed while being an active member of the military.

    It's not, for example, a mage who Awakened, was trained by another mage, joined the Guardians, then joined the military.

    It's also not for Power Stat 5+ characters, unless they're there on purpose.

    These are freshly turned people who know more about being in the military than they do their own gameline's setting. Since no gameline turns people into instant masterminds it makes a lot more sense as a launching off point for newbie supernaturals, rather than some sort of mercenary PMC.
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      Even given that I would expect some higher ranking member of their splat's society, for the Mage example an Arrow who chooses to serve in the military without disclosing his unusual skill set to the chain of command, would arrange for such newbies to be transferred under his command. The newly turned may not realize what kind of unit they have been transferred to until they arrive, or more likely when they are first discovered by the surrounding society they are offered the opportunity for such a transfer along with an explanation for why the herd must not know.
      I think the end result would still be much the same, in this case a troop that serves for Patriotism but does so under their own commanders and without explaining the particulars to the higher ups.
      If necessary or desired I would think any of the major splats, even Werewolf, would have the ability to arrange a discharge.


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        Hm. I've let this be dormant for too long. So, time for another entry, I say;

        Bound in Zero Company

        The dead are not silent, to those who can hear. And the dead know things. In a sense, "knowing things" is all they are; ghosts are made of memories of who they were, even Dopplegangers. But they aren't records; records don't remember what they see after being written. Rank 1 ghosts may not be able to retain that knowledge very long, but Rank 2 and up are just as cognizant as the living. And each and every ghost is, by definition, invisible, intangible, and barring skilled occultists and/or mediums, undetectable.

        The purpose of the Bound in a military situation might as well be on a literal silver platter. Yes, they don't really die when killed, but doing that really pisses off the geist and probably will result in the Bound having crisis points when faced with combat where it looks like they will be a sacrifice for whatever reason again. It's really more of a side benefit that means the Bound can afford to be the last one treated when the mission goes wrong. No, the position of a Bound is that of a spymaster with an almost unbreakable network of eyes; capturing enemy soldiers is not as much a priority when killing them stops being an either/or proposition.

        Which leads to a major problem; the fact that many of Company Zero's ghostwalkers are Bound - not Sin-Eaters. To be frank, this is necessary when dealing with military targets; on some level, a Sin-Eater has to accept that everyone is a person, and to remain sane, the general modus operandi of soldiers is to dehumanize the enemy to avoid having to focus on the fact that they are killing people. To not only do that but to bully their ghosts into coughing up intel that would lead to their friends and comrades being killed by your guys in the future? Synergy may still be the dominant force in Zero Company's pet krewe, but they're not exactly working towards liberating the unquiet from the Underworld; that would get in the way of their actual jobs.

        This is not to say this means that the Black Brigade's Bound don't play psychopomp on occasion; they're soldiers, not sociopaths. In fact, "post-vital support" duty is one of the things Strand offers as one of the missions his unit is uniquely suited to perform. The armed forces lead to plenty of high-pressure emotions that is a stray bullet during training or a bad doctor away from leaving behind a sentient echo, to say nothing of how someone's favorite gun can easily become her Anchor. Making sure that the souls of dead brothers-in-arms have moved on, and proving it, is great for morale, not to mention it rids the base of an unpredictable drain on mental health and collapses a forming Avernian gate that aggressive specters, Cthonian wildlife, and worst of all hostile forces who know how to navigate the Underworld can get through (technically, the Underworld is a two-way street in that respect, but Strand has moral objections to using the land of the dead as a terminal for forces - and besides, it's almost certain those same aggressive specters can and will hitch a ride out at some point, leading to worse problems if, say, the geist of a Wehrmacht sniper sneaks into a jeep).

        Ultimately though, it's a secondary priority. Sin-Eaters are meant to clean up the mess that is left behind by war. It is Zero Company's purpose to make that mess as efficiently as possible while minimizing risk to American lives; comforting of causalities just isn't their mission statement.


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          I wonder...what Archetype does that make the krewe in the Black Brigade? Necromancers?

          Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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            Originally posted by FallenEco View Post
            I wonder...what Archetype does that make the krewe in the Black Brigade? Necromancers?

            I'm using the 2E Geist concepts, so Thanatologists, I think. They're entirely concerned with knowledge and how to utilize it without concern for the people involved in it; they're far from monsters, but as mentioned, their purpose is purely practical in intent. Keeping the memory of the dead intact doesn't do much when you're concerned with trying to figure out troop movements, planned logistics or strategic goals. Even their humanitarian missions have a practical goal of removing unwanted unquiet from gumming up the gears of the armed forces.
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