Thought I would get a thread going for simple NPC's to be quickly added to a scene where mechanics can be improvised in favor of plot or scene development. If more fitting for a specific game line, please notate.

Gang of (wannabe) Thugs
(Chronicles of Darkness - Core)

The gang of wannabe thugs can be found pretty much everywhere people have more bluster than common sense. Often found by bridges, gas stations, or even the outskirts of high crime neighborhoods, these gangs rely on intimidation more than brute strength to grab petty amounts of cash off of timid individuals not looking for trouble. Will often carry a knife for show, but are usually hesitant to actually use it in favor of shoving or fisticuffs. Usually seen in groups of 3-5.

This here is our turf. Best pay up if you want to keep your teeth.
You mean to tell me that someone with a BMW doesn't have any cash on them? That's fine, I'll just take your credit cards instead...and your wallet.
*after roughing the target* We can play nice and you just give me your wallet, or Charlie over here starts breaking fingers

Average health = 7
Average defense = 3
Average attack = 4-5